Some different Titans draft thoughts

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Some different Titans draft thoughts

It’s somewhat odd that four or five months of draft conversations have led to the Titans taking the same handful of players. The Titans do not have a second round pick. Many writers have suggested a trade in order to give the Titans a 2nd rounder. I am not a fan of this thinking but…so be it. It’s common. Pencil these guys in the first or second if you will. The movement is rather high right now and quite unusual.

How about a trade up for Myles Garrett? General Manager Jon Robinson can trade up with two first rounders. Maybe he trades up and gains a second in the process. I love the highlights of Garrett. This is probably entirely selfish and just me drooling over highlight tapes. Some have him too light to play end in a 3-4.

Still, we have that point I mentioned earlier where the Titans draft yet another running back highly as they drafted Chris Johnson years ago. I don’t think this will happen, but I sure didn’t think they would then.


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Adoree Jackson. The concept of a player playing cornerback and wide receiver just gets me going. I loved when Deion did and Troy Brown too. It also displays an understanding of the game from both perspectives. Many NFL teams employ a three-wide-receiver set on third downs, but go with a pro-set for first and second downs. The Titans base two tight end offense only utilizes one wide receiver. If Jackson was to play third downs on defense AND offense, he wouldn’t be overworked. Usually, that is the concern, but the Titans offense sets this up nicely.

Trade next year’s first round pick to grab another pick in round one. Call it feast or famine, NFL style. This first round has excellent tight ends, cornerbacks, safeties, inside linebackers, and defensive ends. Can you imagine if they left the first round with Jamal Adams, Marion Humphrey, and OJ Howard? How about Jamal Adams, Reuben Foster, and Howard? Mix it up however you’d like. If Robinson does this trade, fans would be demanding they build a statue of him outside Nissan Stadium.

What’s in a name? I like Forrest for an NFL player. Forrest Gregg was a hall of fame tackle for the Packers. How about adding the top guard to go with the top two tackles of the last couple years? Getting past him is like having to knock over a tree? We’ll have to work on nicknames, but the concept of adding one more top player to the line is interesting.

How about Jarrad Davis? He can play inside or outside linebacker. Let Dick Lebeau have a new “toy” to scheme with. Every other inside linebacker has been a potential Titans pick, but Davis. He’s curiously omitted.

Ryan Ramczyk allowed one sack, had zero holding penalties, and only two false starts. How about drafting him just so Mike Mularkey doesn’t discuss penalties at every post-game presser? Oh, he could be a backup too, I suppose.

A fantasy football theory meets NFL. Draft a top quarterback to trade him. In fantasy football, the joy of this is that you can hand pick which players you trade for. In the draft, you can only draft which players fall to you. It’s very risky but often works well.

I still love the concept of signing Barry Sanders Jr. as an undrafted free agent. I’d be fine with spending a seventh round pick on him to assure he’s in camp. He fascinates me.

Easy Ed McCaffrey’s boy is a proven commodity whereas Sanders isn’t. Again with the two tight end offense, the Titans send a different set on the field for third downs. Draft McCaffrey and let defenses wonder if he’s playing wide receiver or running back. Whenever DeMarco Murray retires, they can have their own version of Thunder and Lightning.

Jabril Peppers playing linebacker and safety still intrigues me.

I like the competitive advantage of sending an unpredictable player onto the field.

Don’t forget the Titans were the worst team in football two years ago. As the Titans roster fills in with better quality, there will be a numbers crunch. Good players will eventually be cut if their roster improves. The best way or the easiest way to deal with this is to have multi-faceted players. It might not be this year, it might be next. The time is coming though that a good player gets cut because player X can also return kicks or because player Y also plays special teams. While I am far-fetched above, look for Robinson to start considering these “extra” roles during this year’s draft- especially from round three on.

One final concept that is odd but sort of “ya know that really isn’t so crazy” type thought. The Titans still have former players that have not signed elsewhere. The thinking has simply been that they will be replaced during the draft. What if they aren’t? What if the draft doesn’t play out as expected? How about Robinson having Daimion Stafford’s agent on speed dial? If the safety he covets isn’t available, he calls up Stafford’s agent and adds him. Maybe they’re looking for a third or fourth string running back(Hello David Fluellen) and the Titans scouting staff thinks Antonio Andrews is better than the draft prospects available? Give his agent a call during round five. There are several decent former Titans available that could truly make this theory work out nicely. Call them the backup plan.

Before you email me that the Titans would never….suggest someone different, please. Someone that “every site” hasn’t already penciled in for the Titans. At this point, I swear it’s the same seven or eight players despite there being hundreds of draft sites on the web.




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