The curious, shocking, and tragic story of former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez

Taking a look at the curious, shocking, and tragic story of former NFL tight end Aaron Hernandez.

Jun 26, 2013; North Attleborough, MA, USA; New England Patriots former tight end Aaron Hernandez (left) stands with his attorney Michael Fee as he is arraigned in Attleboro District Court. Hernandez is charged with first degree murder in the death of Odin Lloyd. Mandatory Credit: The Sun Chronicle/Pool Photo via USA TODAY Sports

A story and player that will likely live throughout time following his suicide on Wednesday morning, Aaron Hernandez was a man that made some extremely poor decisions. Simple as that. With that said, the curious case his life, career, and why he went down the path he did will likely live on and last for many years to come.

While there is not much to say when speaking about his suicide, Hernandez went out almost poetically. Shockingly. A former mid-round draft pick that worked his way up and shockingly became one of the most prolific tight ends in the NFL, Hernandez was shockingly connected to the murder of Odin Lloyd and given a life sentence in jail.

Then, tried in another murder case over the last few months, Hernandez was shockingly found not guilty on all counts of murder. We now know though, that Hernandez still had one more trick up his sleeve. Despite the calls from his agent that Hernandez would have not taken his own life, all signs point towards this outcome given the recent actions of the former NFL tight end.


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I remember hearing one NFL player in the last 24 hours speak about Hernandez. The man had come to realize that — at only 27 years of age — his life would never again change. He believed that he would never be free, never be able to raise his own daughter, and never again be with his fiance. Hell, the man made me feel a bit upset when I watched him blow kisses to his daughter during his trial while also mouthing “I love you”, to both her and his fiance.

Despite all of the above signs though, the initial report and eventual confirmed suicide of Hernandez still shocked us all. After all, his lawyer was seeking an appeal for the original Odin Lloyd conviction and he had just been acquitted of murder in another case. Perhaps though, the most telling sign of this wear and tear was when Hernandez cried following his not-guilty verdict in his most recent trial. Perhaps, this is where we should have seen the signs.

With all of that said, should we really be paying much attention to his suicide. Hernandez was a convicted murderer after all and was sentenced to life in prison for a reason. The man was dangerous. No other criminal gets even a fraction of this coverage when they commit suicide. The only thing that makes Hernandez so special was that he could catch a football and find the endzone.

As a Florida Gators fan, I knew this all to well. Even when Hernandez was tried for murder originally, I never really questioned him. To this day, I still think of Hernandez when I think of Tim Tebow and the two National Titles that the Gators had. Fond memories for someone that was surprising and shocking at every turn.

In the end, this story will eventually die down. However, Hernandez has now found a way to do something he likely never could have on the football field. He is immortal and will live on throughout time as a classic tale of a good football player with terrible decision making skills. The story will be both a curious one and a shocking one, after all, that’s who Aaron Hernandez now looks to have been. Curious and Shocking.

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