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Next to the NFL Draft, the best day of the Offseason is today: the release of the schedule. Diving into the Seahawks’ schedule for 2017, it’s obvious that somebody in that office loves Seattle. Four primetime games, getting the Falcons in CenturyLink Field? That will be the biggest home game since they hosted the Hittites in 507 BC. It seems that way, at least.

Here’s a very pretty version of the schedule from seahawks.com, complete with an ad from Delta, one of the airlines that won’t beat you to a pulp when you’re bumped from a flight. If you’d rather not click the link, here you go:

1 Sun, Sep 10 @ Green Bay 4:25 PM FOX

2 Sun, Sep 17 vs San Francisco 4:25 PM FOX

3 Sun, Sep 24 @ Tennessee 4:05 PM FOX

4 Sun, Oct 1 vs Indianapolis 8:30 PM NBC

5 Sun, Oct 8 @ Los Angeles 4:05 PM CBS

6 Bye Week

7 Sun, Oct 22 @ New York 4:25 PM CBS

8 Sun, Oct 29 vs Houston 4:05 PM CBS

9 Sun, Nov 5 vs Washington 4:05 PM FOX

10 Thu, Nov 9 @ Arizona 8:25 PM NBC

11 Mon, Nov 20 vs Atlanta 8:30 PM ESPN

12 Sun, Nov 26 @ San Francisco 4:05 PM FOX

13 Sun, Dec 3 vs Philadelphia 8:30 PM NBC

14 Sun, Dec 10 @ Jacksonville 1:00 PM FOX

15 Sun, Dec 17 vs Los Angeles 4:05 PM FOX

16 Sun, Dec 24 @ Dallas 4:25 PM FOX

17 Sun, Dec 31 vs Arizona 4:25 PM FOX

That’s one paltry Monday night game, albeit against the defending NFC champs. Lord knows the Hawks owe the Falcons for that one. Of course, there’s the gawdawful Thursday night game. Even worse, the Thursday game is the site of the worst NFL game in several years, the 6-6 Debacle in the Desert. Well, at least we know the game couldn’t possibly be worse than the 2016 tilt. One bonus: that Thursday game precedes the Seahawks’ shot at revenge against the Falcons at home. The extra rest might come in handy against Mr. Jones.


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For clarification, the New York team is the Giants of course, not the J-E-T-S- Jets Jets Jets. Overall, the Hawks get four primetime showcases, adding Sunday night games versus the Colts and the Eagles to the previous contests. Not bad, especially since they could be flexed into another as the season progresses. The bye week is early again this season, but at least Seattle will have five games under their belt by then, with a very solid shot at going into the bye with a 4 -1 record. The Packers in Green Bay for an opener again, that’s a winnable of course, but it will be a challenge.

The only other really tough road games: that Giants game, the aforementioned Thursday game at Arizona, and Dallas on Christmas Eve. No, I’m not counting out the Titans, as I expect them to have a very prolific offense, but I can’t put them in the same category as the NFC’s upper echelon.

Overall, it’s quite a tasty schedule, one the Seahawks should find quite delectable to the palate. Go Hawks!

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