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Titans 2017 schedule thoughts

The Raiders were already an impressive team and they used free agency to become an even better team. I have issues with free agents “gelling” with existing players early on in the season. The Titans could steal a win here, but right now, I think the Raiders are the better team. I wouldn’t mind a loss and a playoff rematch. It was centuries ago (not really) that the Titans were good enough to even consider a playoff rematch. As the Mularkey team mindset grows, I think everyone (fans, team, coaches) will be OK with this, maybe even embrace it. Maybe Khalil Mack snuck past Jack Conklin and he’ll pancake Mack in the rematch. I’m wishy-washy here. Predict a loss, but one I am totally comfortable with.

Jaguars game one. Bill Parcells once took over a 1-15 Jets team that was called the best 1-15 team ever. During a presser, he set everyone in New York straight about this foolish claim. I would be guilty of this thinking with the Jags last year. I thought they would be far better than they were. As with Parcells’ (and Belichick’s) Jets, there are probably going to be some unexpected cuts out of Jacksonville as they figure just why a loaded roster stunk in 2016. Again, the Jags signed several free agents and I have no clue of their identity. The Titans are rock solid and should get their first W here, while the Jags “find themselves.”

The Seahawks are a beatable team now. They’re not the imposing Superbowl regulars anymore. As long as the Titans don’t keep this game close where Russell Wilson can be a hero, I think they’ll get a nice W here. A win here will do some good for their team confidence too.


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The Texans defense was the best in the NFL and they about added JJ Watt to it. He never really got a chance to go at Jack Conklin and surely he will give that a try. As a fan, I welcome that battle. As of now, their quarterback position is extremely weak. I can already say the Titans should come out throwing and try to score quickly. It will be hard for a team with a weak QB to come back and the Titans might not get many chances against that defense. Yet another W for the Titans here. (3-1)

The Miami Dolphins have an improved roster and are a good solid team. I think the Titans will have a head full of steam here and pull off another win to become 4-1.

Colts game one. Andrew Luck always beat the Titans. I’m going to predict a loss due to overconfidence here. Their first Monday night game in years and Luck has his way against the defense, one more time. (4-2)

That Browns organization is not good. After being overconfident last week, the Titans keep things simple and run all over the Browns for a “get their head back on straight” win. (5-2)


The Ravens are an average to below average team without Ray Lewis and Ed Reed. For whatever reason, Joe Flacco doesn’t give the team an identity that works for them. Ozzie Newsome was a draft wizard at one point, but he has become somewhat normal as far as draft success goes. The Titans should win this game. They’re simply the better team. (6-2)

Are they the Bengals or the Bungles? Marvin Lewis kicked, screamed, and clawed his way to upgrading an unproductive culture in Cincy. They were a very impressive team two years ago. Last year, they were the Bungles again. Their offensive line is not good enough to handle a Lebeau defense, so the Titans should win this one. (7-2) The Bengals still have some studs like AJ Green though. I think this is where the young Titans learn from that prior Colts game too. Respect for an opponent will pay dividends this week.

My love for Antonio Brown is on display here. The Titans have an improved secondary, but I’m not sure if they can stop the best of the best. They still have to show that they can shut down the run up the middle or else LeVeon Bell will have his way with them. The Steelers are also the only team that won’t be fooled by a Lebeau defense. I’m rolling with a loss here. (7-3)

Colts game two. The Titans shellack the Colts. They don’t just win by a few and break this Andrew Luck curse, but they win by 40 points in the most convincing fashion possible. (8-3)

Texans game two. JJ Watt does some JJ Watt type things and their lightning fast young wide receivers get open deep. Titans fans say”besides those few plays” as we try to “lick our wounds” from this loss. (8-4)

Larry Fitzgerald puts on a clinic. The future hall of famerĀ is blanketed and still makes catches. There’s nothing the Titans can do as they take another loss. (8-5)

After two losses, with two easy opponents in the 49ers and Rams, Coach Mike Mularkey sets the tone and gets the team straight in the locker room. They are leery of keeping Marcus Mariota and DeMarco Murray healthy for the playoffs and also losing in these “gimme” wins. The Titans unleash the beast that is Derrick Henry. He carries 60 times over these two games and leaves the Rams and 49ers with nothing but bruises to show for their efforts. (10-5)

The Jags game two. The Titans have nothing to play for as the other teams in the division linger around the .500 winning percentage mark. Tom Coughlin has fired his coach and taken over for the last two games. Matt Cassel leads the Titans, but the Jaguars starters play better than the Titans backups. (10-6)

The Titans (or any team) usually have some adversity during a season. I’m taking a swing at predicting some. Injuries will likely happen and none are mentioned here. I’d like to hear some suggested schedule results that include adversity. Please feel free to email me your suggestions.



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