Three reasons why Sean McDermott will succeed as the Buffalo Bills head coach

Taking a look at the three main reasons why Sean McDermott will succeed as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills.

Jan 13, 2017; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott (left) speaks during a press conference as general manager Doug Whaley looks on at AdPro Sports Training Center. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The last two seasons for the Buffalo Bills have been frustrating and annoying under former head coach Rex Ryan. Buffalo went 15-16 under Ryan and failed to make the playoffs both times. Because of this, Ryan was fired after two years with the organization.

Losing multiple games that the Bills should have won and the lack of discipline that surrounded the team was getting under Bills fans skins and they were getting sick of it.

However, Buffalo hired their new head coach in Sean McDermott who was the defensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers from 2011 to 2016 and is someone that could be classified as the complete opposite of Rex. McDermott comes to Buffalo hoping to turn the Bills organization around, make them compete and start winning again.


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He is a Disciplinarian

If there is one thing that Buffalo needs to improve on it is discipline. Buffalo has been up in the rankings of penalties over both of the last two seasons. A coach that disciplines his players is only setting them up for success and was something that was not done under the Ryan regime.

Look up a video of McDermott coaching his former players in Carolina, it shows what kind of coach he is which is a strict one. McDermott even removed the pool table and ping-pong table that was in the Buffalo Bills locker room if only to prove a point. He wants the mentality of this team to change and change fast.

He runs a 4-3 defensive scheme

In 2014 under former head coach Doug Marrone, the Bills were a top defense that recorded 53 sacks, setting a franchise record with their starting defensive lineman pulling in 10-plus sacks each. These stats were recorded under a 4-3 scheme. Under Rex Ryan, it was a 3-4 and it was not successful at all.

Going back to the 4-3 scheme should improve the defense from last season. In McDermott’s six seasons with Carolina he led the defense to become a top 10 finisher in four out of his six years. If the right players are put into McDermott’s scheme, expect to see Buffalo’s’ defense disrupt opponents’ offenses just like they did in 2014.

He has the want and need to prove himself as a head coach

Offensive and defensive coordinators are most of the time successful in their systems and they believe that they should be a head coach to prove they are more than just a coordinator. Sean McDermott has done very well as a coordinator in his career and him taking the Bills head coaching job shows that he wants to be known more than just a coordinator.

Why would he walk away from players like Luke Kuechly, Kawann Short, Thomas Davis and Shaq Thompson in Carolina? He wants to show that he is worthy of a head coaching position, especially being that he is a head coach in a division where he’ll face Tom Brady and the New England Patriots twice a year. While it’ll be a challenge, McDermott looks confident and will look to prove he is more than just a defensive coordinator.

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    This is my take why Buffalo will not be successful this year..I am a buffalo bills FAN, but read my side.
    ffalo Bills
    A Strong Team are the foundation of high-performing game and a good team ethic can be held largely accountable for the success and smooth running of the organization, none of these simple rules my beloved buffalo bills got… A strong team usually have a strong leader they trust and respect. I don’t need to be a coach, a player, staff member nor the owner of the buffalo bills to see it or understand this instrumental part is not there. It shouldn’t be all work and no play! even do, this is a game!!. We know this can lead to lack of productivity, we’ve seen it since 1999, right?. So it’s important to inject a bit of enjoyment into the players working/game life – not the enjoyment most of the time lead to suspension for violating the league’s drug policy. I’m talking hard, hard work pays off! If you want to win a championship you need to work even harder. I don’t see it with my buffalo bills. When I see a post game conference, when I read most articles, I figured, when people can only say so much with their words, that same passion would have to come forth each and every game, but, I don’t see it. Though each individual player, staff member, coach and owner should be responsible for organizing their own individual game goals, coaches should ensure that everything is running to plan and each member of the team is getting their playbook completed efficiently. I don’t see it. Holding weekly meetings can help to make sure that everyone is on the same page and players performance are being met, but, I don’t see it. True leaders have integrity. Integrity is the very core of their influence, teaching the values they profess to believe is what gives them credibility and allows players and others to place their trust in them to win, but, I don’t see it. This is what I see, and why my buffalo bills are not winning not just the life of football but also the football life. Values are the guiding principles in our lives. Leadership occurs within the context of core values. Leaders guide and facilitate others to make a positive difference in their own lives and to contribute to a larger good. Values inform the application of leadership qualities as the competencies of leadership are activated – learned, developed, and practiced – within the set of core values. By focusing on what people believe and value, and then positively building on this understanding, we have the potential for impact far more wide reaching than if we approached leadership development as a problem-solving activity. It is not the X’s and O’s my dear buffalo bills – it’s your leadership values, and everything starts from the top!!, remember this, Successful Top Down Change Starts with Change at the Top