How the 12’s Rated the Seahawks’ 2017 Draft

Seahawks fans
The 12s have spoken!

As promised, here are the results of our decidedly unscientific and completely fun Twitter poll on the Seahawks draft. I’d love to think every Seahawks fan follows us on Twitter, but I’m sure we’ve missed a few here and there. Like maybe a few million. First, the results of the 12s opinion of the Seahawks draft. After the break, a few of your tweets.


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First up, @1967_Dawn. Dawn – or as her friends call her, Ms. 1967, says:

Ms. 1967, the Seahawks picked up two offensive linemen in free agency. Number 3 will be in safer hands. Next is @FearLordDraper – love that handle:

Lord Draper, I fear you indeed. However, see the above response. My favorite is from @cmassel17. I confess it hurts my head to read that lower case “l” followed by the numeral “1”, though:

Yes, Mr. Twitter Handle that gives me an aneurysm just from thinking of it, I agree. Less than a B nearly is impossible. Nearly being the key in that statement.

So, a quick look at those numbers. 38 of you think scored the draft an A. You said it was a terrific draft – or possibly believe that Pete Carroll and John Schneider can do no wrong. I’m hard-pressed to disagree with either assessment.

126 diehard Seahawk fans, just a bit less than half, gave the braintrust a B. This falls in with a lot of the pundits’ opinions, John Clayton and Pete Prisco among them. Actually, Clayton may like it better than a B; I just haven’t seen an actual letter grade from him yet. He certainly praised the versatility of the picks. Read Clayton’s opinion for yourself here.

54 Seahawks fans gave the team a solid C. An average draft, nothing to get excited about. I can understand the lack of enthusiasm when there are no first-rounders; just remember where your quarterback was drafted.

Finally, 51 of the 12s who answered our poll gave their team either a D or F. While I’d like to think that each of those voters are actually 49ers fans, I would never say someone’s opinion is wrong, regardless of my own thoughts.

But seriously…a D, let alone an F? I don’t see how this talent, and how it addresses the needs of the Seahawks, can be called a poor draft. The team needed to improve their offensive line, and had done so before the draft via free agency. This was notable as one of the best drafts for defensive backs in years, and the worst for offensive linemen. The 2017 draft had the fewest big uglies taken in the first two rounds ever. Hence the Seahawks addressed the line in free agency in addition to the draft, and signed 237 defensive backs.

Of course it will be a good three years until we really know how this draft turned out. For now, it’s fun to argue the merits of that 7th round pick, isn’t it? Christopher Carson, I’m counting on you sir!

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