Redskins Fans Impressions of the 2017 NFL Draft

Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Jonathan Allen (Alabama) poses with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell (right) as he is selected as the number 17 overall pick to the Washington Redskins in the first round the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Many of our Washington Redskins attended the 2017 NFL Draft in Philadelphia, most traveling the short distance from Washington, DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. Some were there for all 3 days, and some were there for some of the drafts. I am happy to report that all the Redskins fans I have talked to about the Draft in Philadelphia said it was fun, and a great experience. I asked about the notorious “Philly fans” and they all agreed they were in a friendly rivalry mood. For the most part, fans from all the NFL teams got along and had fun. They did boo during Redskins, Giants, and Cowboys draft selections.

One longtime, all-weather Washington Redskins fan and known sports radio co-host, Tee Brooks (@teebrooks75 on Twitter), had this to say: “We enjoyed the draft experience in Philadelphia. The Philly fans did a little trash talking to us wearing our Redskins jerseys, and of course, we gave it right back, but it was in fun. They did not cross the line and it was done in a fun, teasing rivalry manner. We joined them in booing when the Dallas Cowboys selected their draft picks.”

Tee Brooks went on to say he liked the NFL Draft being held in other cities besides New York and hope they continue to do so. Like most Redskins fans I talked to, Brooks liked most of our draft selections, especially our 1st pick in the 1st round, pick 17 from University of Alabama. “I couldn’t believe he was still there at out pick, 17th. I also liked our Redskins picking Ryan Anderson, also another member of the championship Crimson Tide defense.” Some of the players the Redskins selected Tee Brooks had already checked out before the draft and thought the draft was another successful one. He said, “I would give the draft a B grade.”

Another Redskins fan Gina M. Kay, who can be found on Facebook Redskins groups said this: “I like our first 3 picks because we needed help on our defense. I would get so made last two years when our defense could not stop the other team from pounding the rock on us. They converted a lot of 3rd downs that a good defense would have prevented also. So yeah, happy about the draft. I think the 9th and 10th picks were not so great. You asked me to grade the draft, so I give it a high grade, B+ I think. I’m excited about those Alabama players and think both will make the starting lineup. Time to take back the NFC East from the Cowboys. Think Jonathan Allen and Ryan Kerrigan will get lots of sacks. I’m hoping Junior Galette gets back to 100 percent and is as good as he was in New Orleans too. I know Josh Norman and D.J. Swearinger will be awesome in the secondary. I think this draft hit the target on defense.” HTTR!


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Redskins Fans Impressions of the 2017 NFL Draft

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