Exclusive Interview: Meet new Miami Dolphins wide receiver Drew Morgan

cover32's Robert Molnar got the chance to talk with the newest member of the Miami Dolphins, former Arkansas wide receiver Drew Morgan.

Dec 29, 2016; Charlotte, NC, USA; Arkansas Razorbacks wide receiver Drew Morgan (80) reacts after a big play in the first quarter against the Virginia Tech Hokies during the Belk Bowl at Bank of America Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

While most people only pay attention to those rookies that are drafted during the annual NFL Draft, many of today’s top NFL players have gone undrafted during their entry to the NFL.

Every year, these players are signed following the draft and receive a shot at making an NFL roster and living out their dream as a player in the NFL. Adding 14 of these players this year, the Miami Dolphins have given themselves a solid rookie class to evaluate in the coming weeks.

One of these players is former Arkansas receiver Drew Morgan. cover32 recently got the chance to sit down and talk with Morgan about both himself and his potential future with the Miami Dolphins.


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At Arkansas, you were the number one guy by many accounts. Putting up some extremely solid numbers, how do you think your level of production will carry over to the NFL.

Morgan: I didn’t get to be the number one guy easily. It took a lot of bleeding in the dark to smile in the light. If anything shows at the next level, it will be my hard work and determination. I am a TEAM player and will do anything that will greater the Dolphins Organization.

Entering the league as an undrafted free agent, does the fact that you went undrafted put an extra chip on your shoulder?

Morgan: I think that no matter what round or free agency route you take, we all still have to prove ourselves and I think that naturally brings a chip.

Given all the talent that is present in the SEC, does playing against teams like Alabama and LSU each season give you an advantage in your preparation for the NFL?

Morgan: Yes. But don’t sleep on the players from other conferences. Their route and journey may be different, but what we all have in common is that we are having an opportunity at the next level.

In Miami, you will be playing with one of the most talented threesomes in all the NFL in Jarvis Landry, DeVante Parker, and Kenny Stills. Are you looking forward to playing with and learning from them?

Morgan: Yes, I’m excited to get to work with veterans. To learn my role will be the most important. The experience and talent that these three bring to the table is a crazy amount of production. Who wouldn’t want to learn from these guys?

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When did you receive the call from the Dolphins organization and what was your initial reaction when they offered you a chance to come play for the team?

Morgan: I was in contact with the coaches and scouts all throughout the process before the draft. I spoke to [receivers] Coach Jefferson multiple times and Coach Gase in the sixth or seventh round. I knew right then, I want to play for this organization.

What is one area of your game that you believe will give you an advantage in potentially making the Dolphins roster?

Morgan: My ability to separate and catch the hard balls over the middle. I bring a variety. My knowledge of the game and picking up the playbook quick can help as well. Being versatile is huge as well. Playing inside and sometimes outside brings more value. Special teams and the return game also. I’m a hard worker and it will show.

Was there any one player (past or present) that you modeled your game after?

Morgan: I watched a lot of film of Jarvis in college. I try my best to mimic his game, but his run after catch is ridiculous. Haha!

Have any of the Miami Dolphins coaches or players reached out to you since you signed with the team?

Morgan: Yes, I’ve spoken to the coaches multiple times! Excited to get to work!

For all of the Miami Dolphins fans reading this, let them know just who Drew Morgan is and what they can expect from you this season.

Morgan: I am a team player. Team driven and team focused. I bring a clutch catch with smooth routes. I give back to the community and I’m very interactive with the fans! Speaking of fans, Dolphins fans have been showing a lot of love since I signed. They’re the best in the league, NO DOUBT!

Competing against an extremely talented and young receiving corps in Miami, what will be the key to you making the team’s Week 1 roster?

Morgan: Staying consistent and playing my role.

Is there any one player that you are looking forward to playing with or against at the next level?

I look forward to playing with Jarvis and against the Patriots. Only the Pats because there are so many of my former teammates from Arkansas there. A love/hate relationship, haha.

– You can follow Drew on Twitter @drewmorgan15

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