Potential roles for each of the Packers’ rookies

Apr 27, 2017; Philadelphia, PA, USA; NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announces the start of the 2017 NFL Draft at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
The 2017 NFL draft is over and every rookie knows where they will be playing in the upcoming season.

For the Green Bay Packers, that means starting to find out if these guys are worth keeping and where they fit on the team. Here’s a look at where each rookie could fit for the Packers.


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The Packers took a cornerback, Kevin King, with their first pick of the draft. As many Packer fans know by now, he is a tall, athletic cornerback with good speed.

Fans should expect to see King lining up on number one wide receivers in week one.

The Packers face both Julio Jones and A.J. Green in weeks two and three. If anyone is looking to see if King is up to the challenge of being the top cornerback they will find out early.

In week five the Packers also face Dez Bryant. King will get plenty of opportunities early and often, to show the fans and front office they drafted the right guy first.

With their second pick, the Packers took the safety, Josh Jones, out of North Carolina State.

Clearly, the Packers saw a weakness and are trying to fix it with their first two picks. Packer fans should be glad Ted Thompson finally drafted a position that had such a glaring need instead of going off the rails and drafting a running back.

Jones is more than likely going to fill the void that Micah Hyde left. The Packers love using a guy with the speed and strength that Jones possess in different positions.

Jones is much faster and much more athletic than Hyde was so expected him to be used in more ways than Hyde.

He is known as a guy who comes downhill hard and loves to seek out contact. He also has the speed and vertical to track down deep balls and go up and make a play.

Don’t be surprised if you hear Jones name being said a lot by game announcers as he will constantly be around the ball.

With pick number 93, the Packers stuck on the defensive side of the ball. They drafted Montravius Adams at defensive tackle.

Packer fans should like this pick as the depth at defensive tackle is very thin and they need bodies.

Adams will assume the role that Kenny Clark took last year. Clark didn’t see the field a lot but was a fresh body that could fill in to give other guys a rest.

Adams is a big guy who won’t be a great pass rusher but should be very solid in the run game.

He will be expected to take on two guys and open a lane for linebackers to fill. Adams will be a work in progress in 2017.

With their fourth pick, the Packers took Vince Biegel, who all Badger fans are already familiar with.

Biegel is relentless in his attack and is constantly going 100 percent. That is one thing that should get fans excited.

Something they should worry about is Biegel doesn’t have great size or speed. He will struggle to disengage from blocks against big tackles with long arms.

Where you can expect to see Biegel shine right away is special teams. He should fill the John Kuhn role on the punt team as a protector who immediately flies down the field and makes a ton of tackles.

He will also be on the kickoff team but with the change in rules, there are now fewer opportunities for making tackles because there are more touchbacks now than ever.

The Packers went on to draft three running backs in this draft. They drafted Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, and Devante Mayes. After the

After the draft, the Packers proceeded to dump Christine Michael and Don Jackson leaving Aaron Ripkowski and Ty Montgomery as the Packers two lone backs.

What the Packers did here is draft a bunch of guys with potential and will look to see which one or two stick out in offseason workouts and training camp.

One of these guys is guaranteed to make the team with the probability that two of them will make it.

Williams is a one step and go guy with power through the holes who had good stats in college. Jones was fourth in the NCAA in rushing and

Jones was fourth in the NCAA in rushing and inherits almost every trait you want in a running back. Mayes is a guy who is hoping to stay healthy after an

Mayes is a guy who is hoping to stay healthy after an injury-riddled college football career.  His best chance of making the team is on special teams.

Next is the two wide receivers the Packers drafted. DeAngelo Yancey was drafted in the fifth round and Malachi Dupre was drafted in the seventh.

The biggest surprise here is these guys were expected to be flipped. Dupre was expected to go in the mid rounds and Yancey was expected to go in seventh.

Malachi Dupre has a ton of upside. His struggles were due in part to the lack of quarterback play at LSU.

Yancey will have trouble making the team because he will struggle to get open against man to man coverage.

That has been the Packers biggest weakness the last two years. Obviously, the Packers saw something they liked in him to draft him in the 5th round but there are a lot of talented wide receivers on this team.

In order for either one of these guys to make the team, they will have to beat out a few guys. The Packers had seven wide receivers on the roster so that would mean there are three spots up for grabs.

Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, and Geronimo Allison are locks for making the team.

Last but not least, the Packers drafted Kofi Amichia out of South Florida. Amichia played tackle in college but Packer fans should expect him to be used inside at guard.

South Florida broke their school’s rushing records in back to back years with Amichia at tackle so I imagine they see him as a good run blocking project.

Overall, expect seven of the ten guys drafted to make the team with a guy like Dupre making on the practice team. Every guy drafted on defense will make the team as that is the Packers biggest weakness and where they need the most help.

The biggest mistake fans make is thinking that every guy will make an immediate difference. Be patient with these young guys and watch them improve. Year three is when fans can expect to see what they truly have in each one of these guys. Best case scenario is King and Jones turn out to be staples of this defense and at least one guy surprises everyone down the road.

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