Tajae and Tretola what if

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Tajae and Tretola what if

The Tennessean released a story which stated that federal charges were brought against Tajae Sharpe and Sebastian Tretola.

I summarize the rumor mill(not the Tennessean article) as this- supposedly the person in the bar made a comment, after a wide receiver was drafted, saying Tajae’s career was over. Tajae said let’s step outside and settle this. They did. Tajae won. Tretola was some sort of lookout.

Social media has exploded with this. I’m not quoting the Tennessean on purpose. Go read the article! Please be very careful about taking a rumor and going too far with it.


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As far as all the emails about what if X,Y,Z…

The Titans might as well have never changed coaches, presidents, owners, or general managers over the last decade. They have never had a “bleeding heart” and been considered tolerant or understanding of arrest. Their stance has always been to wait and see what the court says and go from there. I don’t expect anything different this time.

Justin Hunter was accused of some bar fight and exonerated. The Titans “did nothing” because Hunter did nothing.

Kenny Britt used to go home to New Jersey and get into trouble. I considered it a maturation issue of a young player hanging out with the wrong crowd. Jeff Fisher was always upset and sometimes even had this look that he was ashamed. He would not sign a new deal with the Titans, but yet follow Fish to the Rams. I don’t remember all of the issues with him. What I can recall, he grew out of it and wasn’t a “troublemaker” under Mike Munchak.

Albert Haynesworth…we’re going back that far really? I loved watching him play and him chasing down Reggie Wayne is one of my biggest memories of wow athleticism. I thought the NFL or NFLPA or Titans should have kicked him out of the league. Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I’m going to say stomping on a person’s heads is acceptable. He has absolutely nothing to do with Tajae and it’s not fair to Tajae to even bring him up.

I think the Titans have a tradition of expecting good behavior and good work ethic and good guys. I don’t think it began with Jon Robinson or Mike Mularkey. I think it began long ago and they continued the tradition.


I really don’t see how Tajae’s situation is unique or the situation of both is unique. I think that’s a trap- to try and make a situation unique. Teams should just have blanket rules and players should follow them; when a sports team starts to take each individual situation as unique, issues arise. If the Titans have a rule where they expect players to not get into fights, then they do. That’s it! To say Tajae defended the Titans shield or his teammates or… cmon with all that. If the rule is no fights and he fought, then he’s wrong.

Did the guy have a point?

Well if the rumor is true, then yes. I wrote of it here. On Mularkey’s Titans, a receiver has to be one of the top two players to attain significant stats. Camp hasn’t happened yet. We can all project Davis to take Tajae’s place and Taywon Taylor to battle him for the third spot, but those predictions are just predictions. Maybe Rishard Matthews will step up even more and Davis can’t wrestle away the top spot from him? Maybe Taylor (as Greg Cossell compared him to on 1045) is like Odell Beckham Junior and Antonio Brown and takes the league by storm. Remember Sharpe playing so well last offseason? Maybe Sharpe plays like that during the regular season and he is “the man.” Rumors rumors rumors, hang in there and wait for facts.

Do the Titans have any other issues with young players?

Maybe? I don’t know these guys personally. I assume the team did a background check and “all their homework” here. You guys wrote me that Pirsig (undrafted free agent) was part of Minnesota’s walkout due to a sexual assault issue. I don’t see that. I see him standing at the presser in the pictures, but at no point do I see him mentioned as doing wrong. Kevonn Mabon needs to delete his youtube account and/or make it more professional. I don’t think those videos “fly” in the “pc” world we live in, but I also can’t say I’m surprised that a college kid posted them either. I don’t know. Honestly, you guys are terrific detectives and could only send me those two, so my assumption here is that the Titans have all “good boys.” I don’t think Tajae’s (possible) behavior should be construed as being indicative of the behavior of the whole team. Let’s not go blaming player X for player Y’s behavior. Again, I don’t know and I assume the team did their homework.

What if?
Well simply put, they could both be off the team. I’m not sure why people wanted to confirm this with me- yes, they could be booted. It seems obvious to me. Maybe this is just fans nervous of losing a player they like. The answer is yes.

Wayyyyy better still-

The Titans have been sharing pictures and videos on instagram and snap chat. They are having some WHOLESOME fun together. Go check that out. See some good guys “clowning around” bowling and get off this negative “trip.”

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