Steel Curtain Weekly Vol. 2: The Grind

For the seceond-edition of this weekly article, P-Rob discusses the offseason grind, Mike Tomlin's roasting ability and Le'Veon Bell's privates.

Dec 25, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin reacts on the sidelines against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Dec 25, 2016; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin reacts on the sidelines against the Baltimore Ravens during the first quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to my newest column; aptly named The Steel Curtain Weekly, where we will be exploring everything Pittsburgh Steelers. This past week, we were not afforded as many happenings as the week before with the draft. However, there was still plenty to discuss and a couple fun anecdotes I added at the end.


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The Offseason Grind

All men are created equal, but some just work harder in the preseason. At the time of its release in the early to mid-90’s, it was a popular commercial advertisement. At its core, it is a constant reminder to seek excellence in all that you do and above all else be prepared to do what no one else is. We are entering exciting times filled with anticipation, fresh possibilities, and the final grind before training camp continues.

The free agents have all been selected, the draft season has come and gone, leaving us with new questions and projected solutions. The rookie camp has taken place and a couple phases of team’s offseason programs are in the books. Hell, the rookies even got their new jersey numbers.

Players Numbers
Joshua Dobbs: 5
Juju Smith-Schuster: 19
Cameron Sutton: 20
Bryan Allen: 29
James Conner: 30 (Erie McDowell High School number)
Colin Holba: 49
TJ Watt: 90
Keion Adams: 99

As writers, we too go through the grind of the offseason, tirelessly searching for content to bring to our viewers that is fresh and interesting. I started this piece off with the intent of bringing up the news of the week, but to be honest with you, the thought of writing that piece bored me to the point of writer’s block. The news has been rather mundane and to the effect of playing out the string of games left on the schedule in spring training.

So let’s jazz it up a bit and attempt to breathe life into this somber weeks worth of news.

Tomlin’s Roasts

Mike Tomlin to me is one of the best head coaches in the NFL. I like his passion, his energy, his fire and unwavering sense of tranquility. No matter what form of adversity crosses his path. What I love about Tomlin is the crushing weight of the shade he casts. I mean, let’s be honest Tomlin is like your uncle who talks crap about everyone absolutely dead-ass.

The look on his face never changes, nor will his tone or decibel level while the man is roasting someone like a pig at a luau over an open flame. Rumor has it, he is a fantastic commencement speaker. While delivering a message to the young minds of America’s future at Robert Morris University this week, Tomlin would again bless us with another gem.

“I proceed with a couple assumptions, and I realize that assumptions are very dangerous. There’s a cliche about assuming, isn’t it? It can make Patriots out of you and me.” -Mike Tomlin

With a grin, Tomlin roasted the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown and himself, for the trifecta. For those of you in the dark, Tomlin assumed that the sanctity of the locker room would be preserved and that he wouldn’t have star players (Brown) facebook live streaming his post-game victory speech. While he offered his unfiltered opinion,(assholes) on the eventual Super Bowl 51 champions.

Moving forward, Steel Curtain Weekly is going to feature Tomlin’s roasts so we can see just whose feelings coach is BBQing.

WTF News

Here is where it gets a little dicey, the take here will be strong and hilarious if you possess a dry-sense-of-humor.

The WTF news of the week centers around Le’Veon Bell. Injuries are part of the game and likewise so are injury updates. What I have learned about this sportswriting thing in the relatively short amount of time I have been doing it, is fan’s fascination and the need for information can be horrifyingly intense. Two months ago Bell had surgery to repair a “core muscle”. Post-surgery, the estimated recovery time was six-eight weeks.

Now I’m a writer/blogger, far from a mathematician, but it would seem to me that Bell’s recovery is slightly off schedule. Or is it? Bell was sensational in 12 regular season games and two playoff games for the Steeler. But he has only played a full 16 games once in his four-year career.

A groin injury is what sidelined him against the Patriots. As a reporter of news, it is important that we continue to have the freshest idea of the health of players. Now as I transition into this new role I have cut out for myself, I have to ask. How in the hell am I supposed to look at a guy at a podium and ask him for an update on another man’s groin? Not only that, but continue to ask about somebody else’s achy groin and why his groin is taking so long to heal. I mean it’s safe to say the Steelers season came to an end when Bell’s groin became a large issue.

Seriously, I guess I tip my hat to all the pro’s out there who see nothing wrong with asking about another man’s junk. One day, I hope to be able to fake the level of professionalism needed to ask this without feeling some type of way.

Let’s give it a quick attempt shall we. “Mr. Colbert, Philip Robinson with cover32 Steelers, could you please give us an update on Le’Veon’s groin.” My heart actually goes out to the athletes, because some of the questions they get asked on record are things nobody would ever dream or dare to ask on the street.

Phillip Robinson covers the NFL and the Pittsburgh Steelers for cover32. He is always on the lookout for WTF news of the week; if anything strange happens in Steelers’ related news, drop him a mention @chocp3thunder.

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