Did the Jaguars make the right choice by going with offense at number four in the draft?

Looking at whether or not the Jaguars made the smart move by going with running back Leonard Fournette at number four instead of defense.

September 24, 2016; Auburn, AL; Leonard Fournette (7) runs with the football. Mandatory Credit: John Reed- USA Today Sports
September 24, 2016; Auburn, AL; Leonard Fournette (7) runs with the football. Mandatory Credit: John Reed- USA Today Sports

The 2017 NFL Draft was loaded with defensive talent but in the top 10 there was seven offensive players taken. The Jaguars took Leonard Fournette at number four making him the second offensive player picked. Myles Garrett and Solomon Thomas were the defensive players taken before the Jags pick so it left them with different options. They could have boosted their secondary and selected someone like Jamal Adams or add depth on the defensive line and draft someone like Jonathan Allen. Instead, the Jaguars took the safest and smartest route and drafted an immediate play maker in Fournette.


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Defensive players are important to every team, but you also need play makers on the offense that will help put the ball in the end zone. Fournette was the best running back prospect ahead of Christian McCaffrey and Dalvin Cook. Instead of taking someone who might make plays once in awhile on defense, they chose a player who can make an impact on every play on the offense.

I think that with the addition of Fournette, the Jaguars will be able to open up the playbook more and he will be able to take pressure off of Blake Bortles. With his size and speed he can be dangerous for the Jags. Expect Fournette to run like Ezekiel Elliot this year.

Head coach Doug Marrone will expect Fournette to earn the starting job. He should easily take it and run with it. Now that the Jags have a young running back and young receivers who are big play makers, the offense can do big things this year but it is going to depend on how Bortles performs.

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