Kaepernick to Seattle would spite the 49ers

Colin Kaepernick, QB San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick could be a good fit in Seattle and spite the 49ers at the same time.

Despite the San Francisco 49ers descent to the bottom of the NFC West, their rivalry with the Seattle Seahawks has been the most compelling and real rivalry within the division since 2011. And even though he may have no intention of doing so, Colin Kaepernick could spite the 49ers by choosing to join the Seahawks if that is indeed an option.


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No matter what words have emerged from the highly-superficial facades that have been presented by Trent Baalke, Jed York or Chip Kelly over the past few years, the 49ers front office has not been very successful in hiding their disdain for Kaepernick. Kap likely knew that the organization was planning on cutting him, leading him to opt out before that could happen. Though Baalke and Kelly are gone, York is still there and Lynch and Shanahan were nonplussed about inheriting Kap. So it would not be a stretch at all to predict that they would be annoyed if Kap joined their division rival while trying to rebuild the 49ers.

But let’s not pretend that the bad blood isn’t mutual. As evidenced by his agents contradicting Baalke publicly and his acting out in other ways,  Kap has been frustrated with and wanted out of the 49ers since Harbaugh was fired. So it could be perfectly understable why Kap might be motivated to spite the 49ers. These are competitive and proud men and it’s a natural response.

So what is keeping this from happening? Seahawks leaders such as Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman have gone on the record publicly to indicate that they would welcome Kap as a teammate.

Is Seahawks general manager John Schneider motivated by sincere interest or could it be a psychological chess move to affect the 49ers or improve their PR? If Schneider has sincere interest in Kap as a backup, could it be that Kap is too proud to take a backup role or less money?

We may never know if it doesn’t happen. But if Kap ends up in Seattle, so will more drama in the NFC West.

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