Breakdown of the Jaguars schedule: Weeks 11 through 13

Looking at the games and opponents that the Jaguars will face in Weeks 11 through 13 this season.

Dec 13, 2015; Jacksonville, FL, USA; Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Allen Robinson (15) prior to a play against the Indianapolis Colts at EverBank Field. The Jacksonville Jaguars won 51-16. Mandatory Credit: Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Jaguars catch a break through these three weeks of their schedule. After going up against tough and tricky opponents weeks before, the Jaguars are in a great position to push themselves into the playoff race if they compete all season long. In Weeks 11 through 13, the Jaguars will go up against the Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and Indianapolis Colts.


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Week 11: @ Cleveland Browns

Most people would say that this game is not one you would want to watch. I can see why this would be said, as both teams haven’t had success in the past couple of years. Although, both teams improved a lot this off season which is start for setting them up for success. The Browns may have had the stronger off season, but the Jaguars have the stronger team.

The Jaguars have figured out more about their team than Cleveland has. The Jacksonville offense should be able to run and throw all over the Browns. The biggest concern, is keeping Jamie Collins, Danny Shelton and Myles Garrett off of Blake Bortles. Once Leonard Fournette can get pass the defensive line, he will have a great opportunity to run over the Cleveland defense. I think the Jags can take this game easily from the Browns.

Week 12: @ Arizona Cardinals

This game may be the toughest one for the Jags in these three games. Newly acquired defensive end Calais Campbell makes his return to face his former team and will be looking to sack Carson Palmer as often as possible. Cardinals running back David Johnson could have a field day if the Jags let him. The Cardinals aren’t a big opponent for the Jaguars, but they are a bigger one than most teams they will face.

Bortles has to be able to keep the ball out of both Patrick Peterson’s hands and Tyrann Mathieu’s hands. Bortles has weapons around him to make plays which can give him opportunities. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns can either have an outstanding day or be shut down by the Cardinals secondary. The Jaguars will have a tough task with the Cardinals, but if they can get to Carson Palmer to have mental mistakes and Blake Bortles can stay accurate with his throws, they will be in good shape.

Week 13: Indianapolis Colts

The second match up between the Colts and the Jaguars should be intense. Depending on how the first game goes between these two, this will be a game that you want to tune in to. Especially with it being a division game, anything is possible. Like I said before, Andrew Luck should have a strong season but not the Colts as a team.

The Jaguars defense needs to stop Luck at all cost. If they stop Luck, they stop the Colts as a whole. The Jags offense needs to take advantage of a weak defense and light up the scoreboard. Jacksonville could sweep the Colts this year if Luck is contained and Bortles can stay focused on both games.

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