Kaepernick to work out for Seahawks, would be a perfect fit

Colin Kaepernick, QB San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick will work out for the Seattle Seahawks today and could be a nice fit there if the parties can come to an agreement.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is visiting the Seattle Seahawks today, according to a report by Ian Rapoport. In the aftermath of current back-up quarterback Trevor Boykin’s recent legal issues, the Seahawks are working out reserve quarterbacks and Colin is expected to be one of them, though Adam Schefter reports that no moves or actions are imminent. Seattle would be the perfect fit for Kaepernick for the following reasons:

The System
Seattle’s most successful recent seasons have been built upon a strong running game and defense that opened things up for a mobile quarterback to make plays. This type of system is actually not unlike Harbaugh’s system under which Kaepernick found the most success. Not only would Kap be well-suited to fill in for a quarterback like Russell Wilson, he might also be able to continue to develop his game by learning from Wilson and the system in which he plays.

The Coach
In contrast to a coach like Chip Kelly who was known to get rid of players who didn’t conform, Pete Carroll is specifically known for encouraging players’ individualism and to not micromanage them. Chances are that Carroll would not be put off at all by whatever social issues that Kap continues to champion, and Pete would likely be publicly supportive to social justice endeavors. Colin was clearly hurt when his father-figure of a coach Jim Harbaugh was fired. With Pete Carroll as a father-figure that he might be able to trust, Kap could end up flourishing once again.


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The Teammates
The Seahawks are known for team leaders like Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett who have been more outspoken than most about social justice issues. Bennett, Sherman and Russell Wilson have publicly expressed support for the idea of Kaepernick joining Seattle, and Doug Baldwin, Cliff Avril, Bennett and Jeremy Lane spoke out in support of Kap’s anthem protest in the past. Chances are that not everyone will like everybody on the team, but Kap’s potential success in Seattle would be greatly facilitated by being welcomed with open arms and like-minded teammates.

The City
Let’s be honest, Kap would not likely be welcomed in a city like Dallas due to his and the city’s respective political leanings. But Seattle is one of the most left-leaning cities in the country and subsequently likely to be much more receptive to Kap’s mission for social justice and its corresponding controversy. Frankly, there may not be a city in America that might be a better fit in terms of political alignment.

Getting back at the 49ers
Let’s be honest, no matter what people say to the media, Colin had bad blood towards the 49ers organization since Harbaugh was fired. We went into more detail about this hypothetical dynamic in an article last week. It’s safe to say that Kap could get some vengeance on the 49ers by joining the team that has been a rival and handing the 49ers regular beat-downs for the last few season.

So if Kap seems like a good fit for Seattle and the Seahawks are in need of a good back-up, what might be preventing this from happening? If Kaepernick does not sign with Seattle, I would say that it would be due to either Seattle not being willing to pay what Kap wants or Kap not being willing to take what Seattle offers. But if they can come up with a deal and Kap signs with Seattle, one can expect that it would be very good situation for both parties and I would not be surprised if Colin Kaepernick might regain some of the mojo that eluded him after Harbaugh left.

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