The Browns aren’t the worst team in football anymore

Jun 13, 2017; Berea, OH, USA; Cleveland Browns tight end David Njoku (85) catches a pass during minicamp at the Cleveland Browns training facility. Mandatory Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Christmas Eve, 2016. Children worldwide dream of Santa Clause and Christmas morning, while in Cleveland a group of 57,000 hold a very different dream in their hearts.

A single win.

And so it was on that fateful December afternoon that the Cleveland Browns proved that happiness can be found pretty much anywhere provided one sets one’s expectations low enough. The Chargers missed a field goal and the game ended, giving the Browns their first and final win of the season.

Thousands of fans tasted the sweet nectar of mediocrity that day, and it’s a taste that has remained in the mouths of Browns fans for the next several months. A nifty Osweiler trade and a critically praised draft only raised the spirits of Cleveland fans as they savored the few months of unbridled optimism, unburdened by annual regular season proof that they were rooting for the NFL’s lousiest team.

Or so it used to be.

The Browns had a great draft, appear to finally have a solid general manager/coach pairing and are starting to develop and bring in some NFL caliber talent.


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None of that really matters, however, because the simple truth is that the Browns could unleash a team of poorly trained koala bears on Sundays and they would still be trying harder to win games than the New York Jets.

The Jets have made a splash this offseason in almost all the wrong ways. Fitzpatrick is gone, Marshall is gone, Mangold is gone and the recent release of Decker has confirmed what most fans already knew about the Jets: it’s rebuilding time.

The Browns are no stranger to desperately and rather pathetically pursuing the first overall pick, but at least they possessed the decency to hide it better.

So yes, maybe the Browns are about to go 6-10 with three different starting quarterbacks but Cleveland fans can rest easy knowing that somewhere out there is a Jet’s fan base enduring the unrelenting pain of a 1-15 season with ownership holding tightly to delusions of Christian Hackenberg turning into a viable starting quarterback.

It’s time to start showing the Browns some offseason respect.

We’re only second worst.

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