Worst Case Scenarios for Detroit’s 2017 Season

Worst Case Scenarios for Detroit's 2017 Season
A serious injury to Glover Quin, the captain of this revamped defense, would deal a devastating blow to the 2017 Lions

Worst Case Scenarios for Detroit’s 2017 Season

What’s the worst that could happen? I’m glad you ask. Obviously, a Matthew Stafford injury is the absolute worst case scenario, but that’s too obvious for my liking.

Sam Martin Injury

I know you’re thinking, “how bad can a punter injury be?” Let me tell you, Martin is among the league’s best at kicking a ball really far. Martin finished second in the league in net yards per punt, behind Johnny Hekker, the man widely considered the best in the league. Martin’s numbers would have tied Hekker’s previous net yardage record, but Hekker ultimately broke his own for a single season. So yes, a punter getting hurt is bad because you have to get someone off the streets who doesn’t have a team for one reason or another. But when your punter is Sam Martin, and the best in team history, it’s a BIG problem.

Glover Quin Injury

I do not care if it is one minute or one quarter or one week or… you get the point. Glover Quin is the leader of that defense, and the definition of an Iron Man in the NFL. The man has literally started every game in a Detroit uniform, you cannot get much better than that. Just kidding, he played EVERY snap on defense for the Lions last year. Can you say “leader”? No matter, if Quin goes down, it’s a big loss for this Lions team, whose pass defense is already average at best.


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Golden Tate Injury

I know, I know, I’m getting a lot at injuries, but they would really truly suck. Golden Tate is the most elusive WR from last year and it isn’t even close. Tate has one of the safer pair of hands in the NFL. Yes, he’s not the best route-runner, but he can catch the ball and make anybody, and everybody, miss. In every year with Detroit, he has had at least 90 catches. Take away Tate, there isn’t really anybody on this Lions roster who can pick up a large chunk, if not all, of Tate’s production.

A Decline in Matthew Stafford’s Play

Finally! Not an injury one. This one isn’t blatantly obvious, but it could probably go without saying. For just the second time in his career, Stafford threw the football less than 600 times, and had one of his best seasons thus far. Throwing just 10 interceptions, Stafford set a new career best, however with that came just 24 touchdown throws. When you consider the fact that he led eight fourth-quarter comebacks, that’s okay. Stafford’s play protected the weakest defense Detroit’s had in awhile.

I’m sure there are other things that would be terrible, no doubt, but in my eyes, these are the less obvious worst case scenarios Detroit may face this season. Here’s to hoping none of them happen!

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