How to Watch the Oakland Raiders In 2017 Without Freaking Out

Raiders WR Cooper
Jun 13, 2017; Alameda, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders receiver Amari Cooper (89) reacts during minicamp at the Raiders practice facility. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While 2016 marked a return for glory for the Oakland Raiders, pitfalls exist all over the schedule. Granted, no one expects them to. If you do, please stop reading, this article may not suit you. Oakland is a playoff team, as it stands. Yet, they are not the ’72 Dolphins or ’07 Patriots. Somewhere along the line, a lesser team could give the Silver and Black all they can handle. Here’s how to handle trap games.

  1. As mentioned, no team is perfect. In recent memory, Oakland will either rise or sink to the level of competition. That’s no insult. Just a fact. If you look at 2016, twelve of Oakland’s games were decided by ten or fewer points. That signifies tight games. . While the ability to overcome adversity speaks well for the team, these wins expend effort and energy. A lesser team with less to play for only hopes to keep the game relatively tight. Remember, the Bills enjoyed a double-digit league before the Carr comeback.


  1. If you call for Ken Norton’s head or want Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie during a loss to an inferior team. Please remember, Mark Davis does not listen to foolishness. In addition, he does not care what any of us think. The move to Las Vegas cements that point. To say nothing of the fact that only an idiot would fire a GM in the middle of a season. Yes, a bad loss would sting. However, dismissing a quality executive, because you don’t like a defeat, entitles you to an opinion and that is all.


  1. Derek Carr will not complete every pass, throw interceptions and will probably fumble. Why? That’s what quarterbacks do. 158.3 season rating never exists. On the positive side, Carr will have many more positive days than negative ones. Jumping on social media to gripe about an errant throw appears pointless. Although he will float a poor pass, remember that’s the best quarterback the team has had in years. For example, watch these highlights.


In essence, taking a loss happens in sports. At the same time, fans fail to deal with it properly. Go ahead and be angry. Yet, lashing out only makes those around you laugh. Hard. RaiderNation is the strongest, most dedicated fanbase in football. Leave the whining to the others.

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