Crystal Ball: A Quick Prediction Of The Falcons’ Next Season

Jan 22, 2017; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Eric Weems (14) dumps gatorade on head coach Dan Quinn during the fourth quarter in the 2017 NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta won 44-21. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
Jan 22, 2017; Atlanta, GA, USA; Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Eric Weems (14) dumps gatorade on head coach Dan Quinn during the fourth quarter in the 2017 NFC Championship Game against the Green Bay Packers at the Georgia Dome. Atlanta won 44-21. Mandatory Credit: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Mike’s Crystal Ball Predictions

What better time to try and predict the future than two and a half months before the Falcons’ season kicks underway? One of the silliest rituals of preseason wizardry as the experts’ viewpoints can’t be considered anything but justifiable guessing at best. Nobody knows where final rosters will stand when playing schedule predictor so far in advance.

Injuries, of course, play a huge factor as well come game day, but let’s throw a few darts and see what sticks. If anything the win/loss game enables Falcons’ fans to circle a few doozies on the schedule that they most look forward to.


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Week 1 – Falcons at Bears

This would appear to be a perfect opponent to kick off the regular season. There’ll be a new quarterback for Chicago regardless of it being Mike Glennon’s team or rookie Mitchell Trubisky’s. Either will be throwing to questionable wideouts. I’d much rather play on the road in Chicago in September, as opposed to December, that’s for sure.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 2 – Packers at Falcons (Sunday Night)

The NFC Championship rematch as well as the regular season home opener of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Last time Falcons’ fans saw Mr. Rodgers, it was anything but a “beautiful day in the neighborhood.” Let’s hope for more of the same from the fast and physical Falcons’ defense.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 3 – Falcons at Lions

Detroit was very fortunate in 2016 with a handful of come from behind, late game victories. I say the law of averages catches up to them in 2017, and, more importantly, they come up short in this one versus the Birds. Here kitty, kitty.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 4 – Bills at Falcons

New coach for Buffalo and a familiar foe to Falcons fans’ as former Carolina defensive coordinator Sean McDermott takes over as head coach of the Bills for Rex Ryan. Remember when some fans wanted Rex Ryan as coach of our Falcons? Quinning! And now Rex is part of Bills’ mafia, or a TV gig, I can’t remember.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 5 – Bye Week

Some R and R after a 4-0 start.

Prediction: Falcons’ players win


Week 6 – Dolphins at Falcons

Like shooting “fish” in a barrel. A home game coming off the bye week is normally a recipe for success. The Falcons need to avoid looking ahead to next week’s opponent.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 7 – Falcons at Patriots (Sunday Night)

Super Bowl LI rematch. The talk will be nauseating leading up to kickoff. No need for extra motivation in this one. Let’s unleash and unload the full arsenal on both sides of the ball. Payback.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 8 – Falcons at Jets

I’m not sure the Jets can field a team with all their recent cuts. A full rebuild is underway in New York.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 9 – Falcons at Panthers

First division game of 2017 for the Falcons. Crazy scheduling to have that happen. We’ll most likely see Stephen Curry in attendance banging the “keep pounding” drum and here’s hoping the Falcons do exactly that to Cam and company.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 10 – Cowboys at Falcons

Year two for Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott. They made it look awfully easy their rookie seasons. My guess is the league adjusts somewhat and they’ll be in for a battle in the NFC East. Don’t be surprised if Jerry steals some of the concepts from the beautiful new Mercedes-Benz Stadium after seeing Arthur’s World first hand.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 11 – Falcons at Seahawks (Monday Night)

The undefeated regular season comes to an end at no fault of the Falcons. Great Monday night matchup that will leave NFL fans rooting for a rematch come the postseason.

Prediction: Falcons lose


Week 12 – Buccaneers at Falcons

Everybody’s favorite playoff dark horse. I do view the Bucs as the Falcons strongest competition within the division. A couple of shiny new toys for Jameis Winston that the Falcons will have to contend with, in DeSean Jackson and OJ Howard. It won’t be enough for them to overcome.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 13 – Vikings at Falcons

No more AD, Adrian Peterson, for the Vikings, but Falcon fans will see him soon enough (twice a year now actually). The Viking D makes them a contender and no push over. I’m still not sure I buy the Sam Bradford experience, and I think fans will be rooting for a repaired Teddy Bridgewater to one day recapture the starting role eventually.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 14 – Saints at Falcons (Thursday Night)

The swamp people invade Georgia. How much longer does the Brees/Payton combo have?  As many points as the Saints are capable of putting up on offense, their defense is capable of giving up double.  Patchwork D and yearly salary cap restructuring is not a recipe for prolonged success.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 15 – Falcons at Buccaneers (Monday Night)

A nod to the schedulers for this one as I predict this will be the game to determine the NFC South champ. Bucs have a nice mix of talent, but this Falcons team is on a mission. There will be no plank walking for the Falcons as they complete their regular season goal of back to back NFC South titles, while also positioning themselves for a bye week come the postseason.

Prediction: Falcons win


Week 16 – Falcons at Saints

Here you go Saints fans, enjoy. You get a win in a meaningless game for the Falcons as they turn their attention to playoff preparation. Real question, did the Saints avoid another 7-9 campaign?

Prediction: Falcons lose


Week 17 – Panthers at Falcons

Superman flies in to close out the regular season schedule, but we have our own Bird of Steel. The giant Falcon statue frightens Cam enough for him to remain in his alter ego disguise as Clark Kent. The Panthers drop both contests versus the Falcons in 2017, and begin their offseason early.

Prediction: Falcons win


That wasn’t so hard and I think all Falcons’ fans would take a 14-2 regular season record. Get your popcorn ready as we await the real fun in the postseason tourney. Rise up!

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