Buffalo Bills: Things we know this week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Minicamp is now in the past. The next time the Buffalo Bills will be on the same turf together, representing our team of quandary, will be when training camp rolls around in July just outside Rochester, New York at St. John Fisher College. As a sidenote, Is anyone ready to relocate training camp back to Fredonia?

It is difficult to comprehend just how much has transpired since the end of game 15 this past season when Rex Ryan’s employment was terminated for refusing to bench Tyrod Taylor the following week to keep him injury free heading into a contract option situation the Bills did not want to be trapped in.

If they opted out of the optional year and number five would happen to be recovering from a football related injury by a given date… they basically were unwilling to automatically and unintentionally default back into the opt in status. That means paying an average quarterback hall of fame money. They would be overpaying Taylor leveraging money they could be using to keep or obtain other players of importance.

Then again, hasn’t the last 17 years impacted your thought process that the quarterback position hands down is the absolute most important position if football? The key here is the large amount that would hit towards the salary cap. Well that is the key to an average Bills fan or writer covering the topic.

I am sure the 31 million dollars means the actual money if you own the team. I would just be speculating on that of course. I mean he doesn’t seem to mind paying Sabres coaches and general managers who have moved on at his request a salary for years to come.

Cyndi Lauper once said in a singing kind of way, ”Money changes everything.” Does that hold true when your net worth is in the upper four billion dollar range? How about if you outbid the future president of the United States easily to gain ownership of the team?

Since Cyndi Lauper got a shameless plug previously, Barbra Streisand gets a little love here. “Digression Days are here again. The skies above are clear again. So let’s sing a song of cheer again. Digression days are here again.”

See folks…. I am a bit more than just IPA’s, Depeche Mode, Buffalo Sports, Star Wars and often accused of an over abundance of travel. That’s right… I too heard the struggling plane down one engine and losing the second during the scary emergency landing, carrying Jennifer Lawrence on her way from her hometown of Louisville to New Jersey go over my home, as it made its emergency landing at The Buffalo Airport. Huh… What ya think of that? Get your little rug out and lay down for a tiny weenie kindergarten style snooze, quickly awake and alert… as we venture into the unknown world of…


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Things we know About the Buffalo Bills This Week

Returning from a severe broken leg which he suffered last season against the Seahawks, center Eric Wood has diligently rehabbed himself back on target for a full recovery. He already has participated in OTA’s as well as mandatory minicamp feeling great while doing so. I attempted to nominate him for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, but was told that is strictly for hockey players.

If that wasn’t enough, they added insult to injury, claiming the actual hockey team nominates one player representing that team for the final vote deciding the winner. Cover32 writers were nowhere to be found as being or eligible to vote or nominate. I called BS and was informed politely we are not playing drinking games.

Pro Football Focus listed the top three edge defenders that turn pressure into sacks as they get more detailed all of the time with the analytic approach to reporting on the game. Buffalo Bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander converts pressures into sacks 28 percent of the time, earning him third in the league and explaining how exactly he not only made the pro bowl last season, but was the MVP of that game.

Well done Lorenzo and it is an honor to have you back again for another season. I would nominate you for an award, but I am sure I would be told wrong sport or that I am in no position for nominating or voting. Enough said.

Shaq Lawson had quite an impressive minicamp which is outstanding news. It is like having a stud rookie in the waiting because of the injury last season as well as when he returned he was put in a position that did not compliment his talents in the Rex Ryan defense. So you could say he was put out of position and not set up for success.

If he applies the pressure and gets the sacks that played out in the brief camp, the Bills could return to a similar dominating defensive line they had before Rex’s arrival with Jerry Hughes, Marcell Dareus, Kyle Williams and Shaq with other key substitutes for depth. Lawson has admitted to having to “think too much” during Ryan’s 3-4 scheme. As a 4-3 defensive end, Shaq said it’s much easier to use instinct and raw athletic and talent going after the quarterback full steam.

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The opposite was in place with Rex where he had to read defenses and then possibly drop in to coverage or back peddle and he is just a pure all out attack player at this stage of his game. It’s hard to tell because defenders never actually hit quarterbacks during practices, but all reports indicate he is shining to this point doing everything asked of him and then some.

Andre Holmes by far is having the biggest impact on and off the field as far as the free agent acquisition wide receivers go and this is something that the Bills so desperately need.  Holmes is 29 years old with plenty of NFL experience and at 6 feet four inches tall he is that large target Tyrod Taylor can utilize in many key situations.

One of the biggest perks that hopefully work in the Bills favor is having a receiver that Tyrod can occasionally just throw the ball up in the air and have him go fight for it winning the battle coming down with the reception.

From what we have seen so far which can change fifty times between now and the opening day of the season, he could out duel the rookie drafted players and undrafted signings snagging the second position next to Sammy Watkins who so far has the green light as far as where he is in his conditioning and rehab.

They can have another great year running the ball with McCoy, but they gave up too many sacks last season and have got to have a consistent passing game, not just an occasional deep ball reception. The Bills absolutely need a decent step up from all involved in the passing game if they want to play meaningful football in January.

That is what we know this week and if we forgot anything at all, which as rare as that may be, could happen if all of the stars and planets line up just right, I will write you a note, fold it up into a football note for privacy and biff click it at you for the extra point. Then I could only hope you give me the pure joy and honor of writing me back. This could be special. What I meant to say is this season could be special. Party On. Pretty please with playoffs on the top.

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