Wes Welker’s Impact on The Houston Texans

Texans special teams and offensive assistant Wes Welker.
Texans special teams and offensive assistant Wes Welker.

After the conclusion of the 2015 NFL season, Wes Welker’s playing career came to an end. Welker was idle during the 2016 season before accepting a job as a special teams coach and offensive assistant with the Houston Texans. The young Texans receivers will have a lot to learn from the potentially the greatest slot receiver ever to play the game.

During Welker’s time with the New England Patriots, he was a reception machine. Posting reception numbers that are not often seen in the NFL. Even in his first season in Denver, Welker was dominant. Some of Welker’s best seasons came while he was playing opposite of a great wide receiver. In New England it was Randy Moss and in Denver it was Demaryius Thomas.

Receiving & Rushing Table
Game Game Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece Rece
Year Age Tm G GS Tgt Rec Yds Y/R TD R/G Y/G Ctch%
2007 26 NWE 16 13 145 112 1175 10.5 8 7.0 73.4 77.2%
2008* 27 NWE 16 14 149 111 1165 10.5 3 6.9 72.8 74.5%
2009*+ 28 NWE 14 13 162 123 1348 11.0 4 8.8 96.3 75.9%
2010* 29 NWE 15 11 123 86 848 9.9 7 5.7 56.5 69.9%
2011*+ 30 NWE 16 15 173 122 1569 12.9 9 7.6 98.1 70.5%
2012* 31 NWE 16 12 174 118 1354 11.5 6 7.4 84.6 67.8%
2013 32 DEN 13 13 111 73 778 10.7 10 5.6 59.8 65.8%

The key to Welker’s success is his outstanding route running ability and his great hands. The most overlooked aspect of Welker’s career is that he is able to haul in a high percentage of the passes thrown to him. During the prime years of Welker’s career (2007-2013), Welker never caught less than 65.8 percent of his passes. Equally as impressive is his yards per reception. Welker had only one season with less that 10 yards per reception and it was 9.9.

The impact of Welker in regards to the wide receivers will be great. Few players in the history of the NFL have been able to as consistent as Welker has. Welker will be able to teach the young receivers in Houston his route running techniques and how to properly catch a ball.

Braxton Miller will benefit the most from the addition of Welker to the coaching staff. Miller who is still learning how to play the position will be able to absorb everything Welker has to say. Whether it is drills on how to be a better route runner or hand positioning when catching the ball.

This season in Houston, the young receivers will look better than initially anticipated. This is due to the sole reason of Welker being a part of the coaching staff. Not often can one coach make a difference in the overall production of a position group. But Welker is no ordinary coach, he is one of the best slot receivers of all time.

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