Should Gary Clark Be In The Hall of Fame?

Washington Redskins Wide Receiver Gary Clark

In my opinion, former Redskins wide receiver Gary Clark should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Judge for yourself and give us your comments in the comment section and/or on Cover32Washington Redskins on Facebook as well as @Cover32_WAS on Twitter. Here are some facts and statistics to support my position:

Art Monk is in the Hall of Fame. Both he and Gary Clark were members of the famed “Posse” along with Ricky Sanders. They played before the defensive rules were changed to make the league “pass happy.” I believe virtually all of us Washington Redskins fans feel Art Monk deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Why not Gary Clark? He was durable and I cannot remember him ever dropping a pass. He was a true team player! Despite being short in stature, Gary Clark ran perfect routes for quarterbacks Mark Rypien and Doug Williams.

Art Monk’s 1985 – 1992 totals: 545 catches; 7,372 yards; 13.5 yards per catch; 41 touchdowns.

Gary Clark’s 1985-1992 totals: 549 catches; 8,742 yards; 16.0 yards per catch; 58 touchdowns.

Gary Clark averaged 65 yards per game while Art Monk averaged nearly 57 yards per game. In fact, legendary Steve Largent is in the Hall of Fame and he averaged 65.4 yards per game compared to Gary Clark’s 65.0 yards per game average.

Read my previous Cover32 Redskins article, Redskins Ring of Fame – Gary Clark for more facts and figures related to his illustrious career. Please let us know what you think. Should Gary Clark be in the Hall of Fame? We at Cover32 Redskins say HAIL YES!!

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Should Gary Clark Be In The Hall of Fame?

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