Buffalo Bills stuck in no-man’s land for the 2017 NFL Season

Stuck at a point where both rebuilding and making a playoff run are both too far away, the Buffalo Bills currently sit in the dreaded no-man's land.

Dec 24, 2016; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills wide receiver Brandon Tate (15) runs the ball after a punt against the Miami Dolphins at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

One of the hardest decisions for any NFL team has to be when it comes to rebuilding. Choosing to clean house and start from the ground floor once again, the team goes for the suck now approach with the hope that they can quickly improve themselves and be a Super Bowl contender one day once all the young talent begins to mature.

For certain teams though, multiple poor seasons make this decision easier to accept and also leads to a much quicker transition. For others, the option to rebuild remains a last resort option with it only being accepted when the team is in it’s most dire hours. However, for a team like the Buffalo Bills, no matter which path they choose will likely be the wrong one.


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Stuck between a rock and hard place if you will, the Buffalo Bills are too good of a team to be in the beginning stages of a rebuild. Going this route would shed many talented players that have the talent and ability to lead the team to the next level with some right decision making and good to great play calling.

That said, the team is also far, far away from even thinking about a deep playoff run. While a shot at making the playoffs is not completely out of the question, there are almost zero scenarios where the Buffalo Bills make a deep playoff run with their current roster of players.

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Stuck in this “no-man’s land” if you will, the Buffalo Bills don’t really have a solid option for the future of the franchise. With so much talent, it would be suicide from many of the team’s coaching staff and front office to go into a rebuilding mode next offseason. Worse still is if the team continues on it’s current path then it will likely still end up at this point some time in the near future.

Overall, the Buffalo Bills future is not looking bright no matter which route the team takes in the coming months. Without a true heading, look for the great playoff drought to continue for the Buffalo Bills.

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