cover32 Debates: Aaron Rodgers vs Tom Brady

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In the midst of the NFL offseason, cover32 will debut a series of new debate segments to hype up NFL fans for the start of the 2017 season. The Debate series comes on the heels of the Doppelganger and Roundtable series.

The cover32 Debate series is where two cover32 writers debate important topics of the day. Our first debate will feature Bobby Burack (@bburack16) and Ian Glendon (@iglen31).

Rules:  Burack and Glendon will first respond to a series of questions with their answer being which player they feel best exemplifies or represents the qualities in questions. After that, they will debate one another about who is the better player. With that, they will have 10-minutes on the clock to battle back-and-forth. The debate ends when the buzzer sounds.


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Opening Questions

1. Who would be better on a bad team?

Burack: Well, Rodgers. He is on one. Brady is on a great team. And Rodgers looks better.

Glendon: Neither has had particularly bad teams in their career, however, Brady has thrown more touchdowns to more players than anyone short of Vinny Testaverde. Brady has maintained the same performance level throughout his career with a multitude of different players at skill positions. I’ll take Brady.

2. Who would you take this season?

Burack: Ha! Aaron Rodgers. Brady will be 40-years-of-age. Yes, he was good last year, however, the cliff is coming. Brett Favre and Peyton Manning went from great to old in a year as well. Rodgers is in the prime of his career.

Glendon: Brady. Aside from the volume stats, Brady outperformed Rodgers in most every important quarterback stat last season (Rating, TD:INT ratio, completion percentage, interception percentage, passing yards per game) on top of more team success.

3. Which QB is style is more transcendent? 

Burack: Tough to say, Brady probably gets the edge here. Rodgers’ game is more based on his talents and ability. You cannot teach that. Brady is more cerebral and passionate.

Glendon: Brady is one of the last of the traditional “stand in the pocket passers,” whereas Rodgers has a unique skill set outside the pocket unmatched by most. As far as transcendent style? I suppose you go with Rodgers but as far as a career, it has to be Brady.

4. Who is a better teammate?

Burack: Tom Brady. Easily, but who cares? Was Michael Jordan a good teammate? I would rather have the guy with the edge: Aaron Rodgers.

Glendon: A tough question, but I have never once heard Brady throw a teammate or a coach under the bus, and every player that has ever spoken of him (as his teammate) has emphasized how great of a teammate he is. I’ll take Brady.

5. The biggest flaw in each?

Burack: Honestly, Rodgers does not have one. He is the most well-rounded quarterback in the history of the game. Brady, his lack of mobility. When the pass-rush is coming, he sees ghosts.

Glendon: Rodgers playing from behind late. Brady has a tendency to force deep throws. Tough question, both quarterbacks are so good that it’s hard to find a flaw in either of their games.

The Debate: Who is the better quarterback, Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady?

Burack: I’ll start! This answer is simple to me, it is Aaron Rodgers! He is a baaaaddd maannnn. Let me just say this, there is nothing Tom Brady does better. Rodgers throws better, more mobile, bigger arm, more accurate, more touchdowns, fewer interceptions…and does it with a worse team.

Glendon: Short answer: Brady. Last season Brady outperformed Rodgers in everything but volume statistics by virtue of the suspension. Over the course of Rodgers career (2008-2016) Brady (2007-2016), Brady has thrown more touchdowns, more yards and won more than Rodgers.

Burack: I don’t think he had a better season. Rodgers had the greatest stretch in the history of the NFL the last eight weeks. Who was his running back? He led the league in touchdowns. Give me no Brady who played a bunch of bad teams.

Glendon: Taking into account that Brady played the first portion of his career in an era with more physicality on the defensive side. It’s fair to compare Brady’s ’07-to-present run with Rodgers where they are incredibly similar. Rodgers does edge Brady on accuracy, however he has done this with 500 fewer pass attempts

Glendon: Still have to play the games. And the only team that actually ran the table last year was the Patriots.

Burack: Did you see that throw against Dallas to win the game? Could Brady roll to his left, deliver a bomb? No, he can’t do either.

Glendon: No he can not, I’ll concede that. However, Brady is a better the pre-snap quarterback and has some of the best mobility in the pocket of any quarterback ever.

Burack: The Patriots were as good with a third-string guy who isn’t worth mentioning. The system is what has made him.

Burack: Have them switch teams. The Packers would have missed the playoffs. Remember, Detroit led most of the season.

Glendon: Except that Rodgers has had a number of high round talent at the skill positions over the years where Brady routinely turns undrafted free agents into stars.

Burack: Who?? Eddie Lacy who ate himself out of town. His running back wears number 88… He isn’t a RB.

Glendon: Some of that is on Rodgers as well. Rodgers teams are 0-35 when trailing against teams in the fourth quarter by more than one point that have a winning record.

Burack: Who had the number one scoring defense last year? Who had a banged up defense with no healthy corners or safeties?

Glendon: When Brady’s teams give up more than 21 points, he has a career record of 66-50… by far better than any quarterback in history. Brady took the 2011 31st ranked defense to the Super Bowl.

Burack: He lost to the same team that year as Rodgers.

Glendon: Rodgers hasn’t had the best defenses consistently, however its not as bad as it seems. Packers have had a top-15 defense in points allowed six of his nine seasons.

Burack: They are hurt every year. Without Rodgers they are the Browns. Brady benefits from playing in the weaker conference.

Glendon: That’s not particularly true, for years he contended with the top Steelers teams, and Colts teams, and Ravens and Broncos.

Burack: He is a baaaddddmaannnn, Ian.

Glendon: All of which have won Super Bowls in the last several years. 10 minutes already?

Burack: Let Brady come to the side the real men are at. We are going 15, get the rules out of here!

Glendon: Haha, I like it. OT!

Burack: Although, this isn’t a tie. You are getting destroyed.

Glendon: Haha, I got stats and facts; you?

Burack: Good point. Who has the highest passer rating of all time…. Aaron Rodgers. Only man over 100.

Glendon: True however over the time span brady trails 102.5 to rodgers 104.5. Hardly a big difference.

Burack: Who has the highest touchdown-to-interception ratio? Rodgers. Only man over a 4.00.

Glendon: In that same span Brady has a lower interception percentage but Rodgers has a slightly higher touchdown percentage.

Burack: Because he is the best.

Glendon: Over the same period, eight seasons, Brady 309 touchdowns to 74 interceptions, and Rodgers 297 to 71.

Burack: I could throw 100 with Gronk, and I can’t throw.

Glendon: However Gronk isn’t out there all the time, including 8 in the regular season and the entire playoffs Jordy Nelson is pretty good, Davante Adams, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings. Edelman – 7th round former quarterback; Amendola – undrafted.

Burack: Let’s play the spelling bee. How do you spell the football team in Green Bay? R.O.D.G.E.R.S.

Glendon: He is also the team when they lose. Malcolm Mitchell – 4th round.

Burack: How do you spell Aaron Rodgers? G.O.A.T.

Glendon: In all of Rodgers glory he has led the league in yardage and or tds only once. Last year.

Burack: He did his part to get to more than one. Too bad some bum bobbled the kick return.

Burack: Spell the quarterback in New England: S.Y.S.T.E.M.

Glendon: System? Brady has played in every system known to man, west coast, let em fly, fast pace, two-tight end…

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The buzzer sounds and time is up, thus ending the first debate. Who is the better quarterback? Who said it best? Who won? You decide.

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  • Chad Overbeek

    Brady is the G.O.A.T and it isn’t even close. Ian had all the stats Bobby was just rambling. What happened to Rodgers when Jordy went down? What happened when Gronk went down ,oh yea they were down 25 and Brady put his team on his back and won a super bowl. Congrats on the victory Ian Clemson!