Should The Texans Reach Out to Jairus Byrd?

With question marks in the back end of the secondary, should the Texans sign the free agent safety?

Should the Texans sign free agent safety Jairus Byrd
Should the Texans reach out to free agent safety Jairus Byrd? Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Texans have a need at safety and have been exploring ideas in house to solve their issue. Jairus Byrd is still a free agent after being released by the New Orleans Saints. Are the Texans and Byrd a match of each other?

Byrd, once considered to be the prize of the 2014 NFL offseason, disappointed as a member of the Saints. His time in New Orleans can only be described as injury plagued and underwhelming. The underperformance from Byrd ultimately resulted in his release.

Defense & Fumbles Table
Game Game Def Def Def Fumb Fumb Sack Sack Sack
Year Age Tm G GS Int TD PD FF FR Sk Tkl Ast
2009* 23 BUF 14 11 9 0 11 30 12
2010 24 BUF 16 14 1 1 2 3 2 1.0 61 27
2011 25 BUF 16 16 3 1 8 3 1 1.0 75 23
2012* 26 BUF 16 16 5 0 6 4 2 53 23
2013* 27 BUF 11 9 4 0 6 1 0 1.0 37 11
2014 28 NOR 4 4 0 0 2 1 0 17 5
2015 29 NOR 13 12 1 0 3 1 1 1.0 37 16
2016 30 NOR 16 16 2 0 3 56 26
Care Care 106 98 25 2 41 13 6 4.0 366 143
5 yr 5 yr BUF 73 66 22 2 33 11 5 3.0 256 96
3 yr 3 yr NOR 33 32 3 0 8 2 1 1.0 110 47

However before his time in New Orleans, Byrd was considered to be one of the best young players at the safety position. Accumulating interceptions and tackles at an extremely high rate. 22 interceptions in his five years in Buffalo compared to his three he managed in New Orleans. Byrd also managed 146 more tackles as a member of the Bills.

After suffering a torn meniscus after playing the first four games of the 2014 season, Byrd only missed three more games in two seasons. This is welcome sign to any team looking to sign Byrd, as his final two years as a Saint were relatively injury free.

A combination of Byrd and Hal at the back of the Texans secondary would be a formidable duo. The ball hawk style of play between Byrd and Hal would make defenses think twice about throwing it deep against the Texans defense. Signing Byrd would also put an end to any potential position change involving Kareem Jackson. Keeping Jackson at his natural position of cornerback would be the best for both parties.

While any deal involving Byrd would be of the one year “prove-it” variety, it is a low-risk, high-reward type deal. This type of deal would be advantageous for the Texans since it would have little impact on the Texans salary cap situation.┬áThe Texans, who want to make a Super Bowl run, would gladly sign Byrd to aid their defense.

This is not advocating that Byrd is a missing piece of any sort, just that Byrd can help a pass defense that lost several players in free agency. Quintin Demps and A.J. Bouye were former starters in Houston, but now play elsewhere. Any addition to the Texans defense that now lacks depth is a good addition. The contributions from Bouye and Demps will be hard to replace. However Byrd will be able to offset the loss a little but not entirely.

Former Texans defensive backs Quintin Demps and A.J. Bouye.
Former Texans defensive backs Quintin Demps and A.J. Bouye.
Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If the Texans are serious about making a Super Bowl run, signing Byrd is a must. Byrd has the chance to revive his career in a situation with an already established defense. Houston will be able to benefit from the addition of Byrd. A union in Houston is beneficial to both parties. All it takes is Byrd and Houston to agree on a contract.

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