cover 32 Exclusive: Follow-up with NFL prospect, Keyso Moss

On April 24, Missouri S&T draft prospect, Keyso Moss, sat down with cover32 for an exclusive interview pre-draft.
Full interview here

Now in July, with the draft passing by, Moss is still hopeful to begin his NFL playing career very soon.

Moss released this video showing all the NFL teams ahead of training camp why they should strongly consider the defensive tackle.

After his interview in April, Moss is back to sit down one-on-one with cover32 National editor/cover32 Packers managing editor, Bobby Burack.


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Follow up interview

Bobby Burack: Keyso, first off, thank you for coming back to the site. You have the support of me and all of the cover32 team. Last time we talked – before the start of the draft – you talked about how it was such an emotional time, what has it been like for you the past few months?

Keyso Moss: The past few months have been crazy just up-and-down would hear from a team and then nothing for a few weeks but I just try and control the things I can control.

Burack: What was it like for you during the three days of the NFL Draft? When did you start to wonder if you could be next? Explain what was going through your head.

Moss: During the draft, I saw a lot of defensive tackles getting push back wasn’t. There was not too many getting picked up so I started to worry a little but the late rounds like 6th and 7th waited because I knew coming from a small school I was willing to take a workout or picked up undrafted I just needed a shot to prove myself.

Burack: How do you feel you have grown as a person and a player since the draft? It must have had a profound impact.

Moss: Since the draft, I took my grind to another level so that when I do get my shot I’m not planning to just go in and leave, I’m planning on coming in and staying. I have grown a lot just learning that it’s still going to be a fight to make it to your dream.

Burack: What has been your primary focus since the conclusion of the draft been?

Moss: Just focusing on speed and being more explosive and training kids in my city because too many people don’t make it out from where I’m from so being this close I’m just training and trying to give my experiences and life story to others let them know it’s possible.

Burack: I have known you for a few months, Keyso, your motivation seems different, and you were motivated before. With training camp approaching, how do you prepare to stay in football shape knowing you could get the call?

Moss: Just working on being explosive, doing footwork, sandpit drills and mixing conditioning in so that I will go in in top shape.

Burack: Last summer you spent some time helping a high school football team, have you done the same this summer? You mentioned above, you have been training kids in your city. Is that something you have in your future?

Moss: Yes I have been training a couple of athletes and when I’m done with football I’m definitely looking to coach or be a trainer. I have gotten one offer from Missouri S&T to be a grad assistant.

Burack: That seems like something you would fit well in. What advice would you have for someone that may end up in your position soon?

Moss: Keep your head up because life will give you it’s up and downs and test if you want exactly what you been praying for but when it does stay strong and don’t listen to the critics because you are not the only athlete that has been overlooked. One person that has a great story about that is James Harrison. Just be ready when it’s time and prove yourself.

Burack: Keyso, you are the man, is there anything else you would like to add?

Moss: To every NFL or CFL team, the type of kid you are overlooking is a hard working, consistent, and willing to play any position type guy. Until then, I’ll be getting better day by day to prove my worth. Also thanks for this interview and everyone that’s reading this.

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