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Top 25 Drops for Week 9 Fantasy Football
Tyler Eifert catches a pass. Photo courtesy of USAToday

Fantasy football is one of excitement and torture. You think you picked the best scrappy team; you go to the championship and lose to Kurt Cousins in garbage time. Depending on what type of league you are in, you may consider drafting receivers or running backs first. Knowing when to choose a certain player can be difficult. However, here are some guidelines to consider when taking these different prospective players on the Bengals roster.

Jeremy Hill

I always tell fantasy owners to draft running backs first unless there is a top tiered wide out that you could snag. However, if you found yourself in a compromising situation where you drafted multiple receivers and are yet to grab a back, consider Jeremy Hill. While his rank is low among backs, he still has the ability to produce at least ten touchdowns for you for the season. Combine that with the potential of a thousand yard season, Hill is a good pickup for a mid-round draft.

Andy Dalton

Dalton is an interesting pick. I have played in points per reception (PPR) leagues and standard scoring leagues. Dalton’s touchdown to interception ratio is acceptable for a starting quarterback for the schedule the Bengals have this season, but average passing yards a game is why most owners would consider passing on him. If Dalton is around in round twelve, pick him up then. You face the Browns and Ravens twice, the Colts, and have garbage time to possibly work within a couple more games. Combine that with his running abilities and rushing for eleven touchdowns in last three years, he is a safe pick to utilize during your season.

AJ Green

Unless Brown or Jones is available, Green should be your first wide receiver. While Green ended his season early, he is consistently a thousand yard athlete and was on his way to having one hundred receptions for the season. Including how soft the schedule is for the Bengals this season, Green will be a consistent starter for you that will not disappoint.

John Ross

Ross is my high risk, high reward player. Similar to Lockett of the Seahawks, Ross has speed, hands, and the ability to break open and make good plays. But at the same time, this also requires Dalton to move from his favorite target and look his way more frequently. As the season goes on, I expect Ross to be included more frequently in the passing game, but I would not spend an early pick on him. If he is still on the board at round eight, select him then.


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Tyler Eifert

One of the best tight ends in the NFL right now, Eifert is a must pick-up if you are deciding between a wide out and a tight end in round four. Eifert is a top five tight end in game schemes and I would consider selecting him over Graham. While Eifert’s statistics are generally low last season, he was returning from a serious injury. With Eifert being targeted forty-seven times when he returned, it is safe to assume he will continue to generate targets, especially in the red zone.

Cincinnati defense

The defense right now ranks at sixteenth in the league. However, the strength of schedule could inflate the power ranking of the Bengals. If you are looking for a defense that has the benefit of putting up good numbers for you for the majority of the season, pick up the Bengals defense in round fourteen.

Randy Bullock

Choosing the right kicker can be difficult as this is usually the position that you will change the most frequently week in and week out. Bullock should be your kicker for at least seven games this season, especially when the Bengals face the Steelers. Remember, NFL teams usually send the kicker in if the team is near the thirty-five and under. Bullock is a risk at fifty or more yards out, but at the same time, most leagues don’t penalize a kicker for missing from that far out. As he gets closer, his accuracy goes up, which means you claw in more points. Pick him up in free agency.

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