Ranking the Head Coaches of the Houston Texans

Ranking the head coaches of the Houston Texans.
Ranking the head coaches of the Houston Texans.

Since the inception of the Houston Texans franchise, there have been three full time head coaches and one interim. This is a countdown style ranking of all four head coaches in the history of the Houston Texans.

4. Wade Phillips: Phillips took over as the interim head coach during the 2013 season after a disastrous 2-11 start by the Texans. Phillips did not have any success as head coach as the team went 0-3 and subsequently let go. Essentially a lame duck interim head coach, Phillips moved on to the Denver Broncos as their defensive coordinator. Phillips won a Super Bowl with Denver during the 2015 season.

3. Dom Capers: For what Capers was actually able to achieve with an expansion team is quite impressive. Most expansion teams are not competitive for a long time (see Browns, Cleveland). Houston was on a upswing improving each season until 2005 when a 2-14 season ended Capers’ time in Houston.

2. Bill O’Brien: Is it possible O’Brien climbs this list? Absolutely. Is it possible he slips behind Capers for number three? That is also a possibility. The Texans under O’Brien have had three straight 9-7 seasons. The concern has become is O’Brien the next Jeff Fisher? Only able to guide a team to a record at or around .500 and nothing else? Houston is 1-2 in the playoffs since O’Brien took over, so there is hope. However another 9-7 season could place O’Brien on the hot seat.

1. Gary Kubiak: The head coach from 2006-2013, Kubiak has the most career wins in the history of the franchise. Kubiak is also the longest tenured head coach. Under his tenure players such as Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and Mario Williams thrived. Making the Texans not just a team, but a destination that free agents would want to come to. Unfortunately for Kubiak, he was never able to win more than one playoff game during his time in Houston. Even with the lack of playoff success, he is the best coach in the history of the Houston Texans.

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