cover32 Podcast: Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel of The Big Lead, stops by for an interview on the cover32 Podcast w/Bobby Burack.

Ryan is well known for breaking the tops sports media stories such as being the first to report Colin Cowherd to leave ESPNMax Kellerman to ‘First Take’, Randy Moss joining ESPN, just to name a few.


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On this edition, Ryan stops by to discuss the following:

  • ESPN’s new lineup starting in 2018
  • If Mike Greenberg’s new show will be a success
  • The impact of ESPN being located in Bristol, CT.
  • Max Kellerman on ‘First Take’
  • Adrian Wojnarowski joining ESPN
  • The future of FS1
  • The impact of Barstool
  • Clay Travis
  • What sports writing will be in a few years
  • The NFL
  • The Lebron James of sports media

[This podcast and all future cover32 podcasts will be produced by cover32 National co-editor, Ian Glendon]

*Important to note

This podcast was taped on Monday, concluding before the news that Jamie Horowitz, president of national networks for Fox Sports, was fired.

This is important to note as he was in charge of all things FS1 – a primary topic of the podcast.

Therefore, all of the discussion was with the mindset Horowitz was still in charge.

For those that may wonder his importance, he was one of the biggest reason Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, and others joined FS1. All of the new shows, ‘Undisputed, ‘The Herd’, ‘Speak for Yourself’, and the upcoming ‘First Thing First’ were created under Horowitz.

Bayless claimed on his first day on-air at FS1, Horowitz was the primary reason he joined.

*Click play to hear Ryan Glasspiegel and Bobby Burack.


Ryan Glasspiegel can be found on Twitter @sportsrapport.

–– Bobby Burack is the national editor of cover32; Managing Editor for cover32 Packers; The host of the cover32 Podcast. Connect and follow on Twitter @bburack16.


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