Terrell Owens claims he is “1A” to Jerry Rice

Tennessee Chattanooga's Owens doesn't get into HOF
Nov 10, 2013; San Francisco, CA, USA; San Francisco 49ers former player Terrell Owens on the sideline before the game against the Carolina Panthers at Candlestick Park. Mandatory Credit: Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports
Terrell Owens appeared on FS1’s ‘Skip and Shannon: Undisputed’ Wednesday with Eric Dickerson.

To the surprise of few, Owens did not shy away from his strong opinions. The Hall-of-Fame hopeful, when asked who is the greatest wide receiver ever, answer did not disappoint

He answered with giving Jerry Rice the number 1 spot, but stated, himself was “1A.”

While giving Rice credit, T.O. made the case he was actually, indeed, better.


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With strong conviction, he said he did more with less. And that Rice went up against easier coverages.

Then added, Rice lucked out by playing with two great quarterbacks: Joe Montana and Steve Young.

As expected, T.O. did not have high praise for the quarterbacks that threw him the ball.

Skip Bayless, the primary voice on the show, has long been a critic of Owens. Saying his well-known nickname  – T.O. actually means, “Team Obliterator”.

While most feel Owens was snubbed by not getting into the Hall-of-Fame, Bayless does not think he should be in Canton.

The wide receiver that Bayless believes is the best: Michael Irvin.

Based on career statistics, Owens has a case to not only be a Hall-of-Famer but has a case to be the “1A” he claimed he was:

Receptions – 1,078 (8th all-time)

Receiving Yards – 15,934 (2nd all-time)

Receiving Touchdowns – 153  (3rd all-time)

Full Disclosure: Jerry Rice is ranked 1st all-time in all of the categories above.


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