Does Broncos’ Von Miller still have a high ceiling?

Already have a great career under his belt, could Broncos' Von Miller improve his game to become more of a dominant defensive player?


When arguments come up about who the best defensive player in the league is, many names are mentioned. Broncos linebacker Von Miller should be mentioned every time because ever since he entered the league in 2011, he plays lights out and puts it all out on the field. Arguably one of the best linebackers, if not the best and his name can be in the conversation as the best overall defensive player.

At 28 years old, Miller is expected to keep causing damage to offenses. He fits well into the Denver defense which causes him to do so well and excel. Even though he’s getting older, he is still playing better which leads to the question, can he still improve his game?


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In six seasons, Miller has been consistent and made his opponents pay the price. Throughout his career, Miller has racked up 338 tackles, 73.5 sacks, 19 forced fumbles, one interception and one touchdown. Miller also has a Super Bowl ring and Super Bowl MVP award.

One thing I like about Miller is that he is play at a consistent high level. He’s only had one season where he didn’t get double digit sacks, but he still had five sacks in 2013 in which he only played in nine out of sixteen games. He has been the leader of the Broncos defense and will be for years to come still.

Can Miller still improve his game?

Yes, Miller could still build off of his game. Not that he needs to, but he could very well become more of a dominant defender. At the time, it was understandable why the Panthers chose Cam Newton over Miller in the 2011 NFL Draft, but Miller may have the edge on him.

Miller is already doing well in the league and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him keep improving his game. New Broncos head coach Vance Joseph is obtaining a good defense with one of the best players in the league. Miller will keep producing which could lead to big things for the Broncos as a team.

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