Should The Colts Sign Zachary Orr?

Oct 9, 2016; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr (54) celebrates his fumble recovery against the Washington Redskins at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports
Oct 9, 2016; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens linebacker Zachary Orr (54) celebrates his fumble recovery against the Washington Redskins at M&T Bank Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Colts recently set up a meeting with retired linebacker Zachary Orr, who is attempting to make an NFL comeback. A spine condition forced Orr to retire at the young age of 25.

An undrafted rookie out of North Texas, the former Raven had an astounding 2016 campaign, recording three interceptions along 133 combined tackles, which was tied for eighth in the NFL, and earned him an all-pro nod. Orr’s retirement was a detrimental blow to the Ravens defense, and could be a huge boost to someone else’s if signed.


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Orr has met with the Colts, but the organization is not comfortable with his health. Orr is incredibly talented, but that talent is wasted if he is not on the field. Orr told NFL Network that he is “ready to go”, but the Colts clearly do not see it the same way.

With all of this being said, should the Colts sign Zach Orr? The Colts absolutely should sign Orr.

With all of the uncertainties surrounding Orr, he would undoubtedly be asking for a cheap contract. The Colts had an awful tackle efficiency in 2016, missing 89 tackles on 978 plays, which was a major part in the Colts 30th ranked defense in 2016. A surefire tackler like Orr would help fix this problem.

The Colts’ linebacking core does not have a leader, or an established star. There are players who are very good and have the potential to turn into Pro Bowlers, such as John Simon, Jabaal Sheard, Sean Spence, and Anthony Walker. Orr would be able to be the leader of the entire defense from day one. Orr also fits in with the youth movement.

The signing of Orr would be a low risk, high reward move that could pay off big time in the future. If he does not indeed return to the strength that he once displayed, the low contract that he would most likely be offered would not be a big hit in the Colts’ cap space.

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  • Eric East

    No, the Colts absolutely should NOT sign Orr.
    Low risk? This guy could die on the field, or become paralyzed or otherwise seriously injured, and the Colts would have known full well of the risks and put him out on the field anyway.

    The writer acts like he would be the leader, of not only the linebacking corps on day 1, but the ENTIRE defense? Are you joking?

    This kid only started 1 year and this would be his first year with the team, he wouldn’t be the defacto team leader upon signing. Jon Bostic is a player impressing coaches and looking to have a career breakout year, but no mention of him in this article.

    I am all for winning more games, but trotting out a seriously injured player and calling it “low risk for us” because, as Dolph Lungren put it in Rocky III…. “if he dies, he dies”. Sure he is in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and we probably knew better when we signed him, but hey…. no skin off our nose as his contract wouldn’t cost that much.

    That’s not only careless, wreckless and incensitive, but it is manipulating the situation.
    “We can get a great deal on this guy because he is such a high injury risk to play that no other team is willing sign him, so let’s be the one!”

    Why do you think other teams won’t sign him?
    A: Because They DON’T want to be “the one”.
    How is Zachary Orr going to play in the NFL if he cannot pass a physical?
    The Baltimore Ravens medical staff said he cannot pass a physical. The team that wants him to play for them. Wants him to produce multiple seasons more of All-Pro play, says he cannot pass a physical.

    Our team doctor most assuredly said the same think, “No way Jose”.
    But this writer thinks we absolutely should anyway.
    Maybe the Ravens team doctor and Orr and his agent all 3 jumped the gun with his injury, I am no medical expert.There is one player with the same condition continuing to play in college, but that’s college. The NFL is a different beast entirely. We have to trust the judgement of our own medical staff. If Orr gets injured on the field, it will have a big negative impact, on the Colts and the NFL both. Like neither cared about this kid’s health and put winning above all else.