2018 NFL Draft: Exclusive Interview with Grambling State QB DeVante Kincade

NFL Draft
Dec 17, 2016; Atlanta, GA, USA; Grambling State Tigers quarterback Devante Kincade (1) scrambles against the North Carolina Central Eagles in the first quarter at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

As of July 13th, the 2018 NFL Draft is 288 days away. However, that doesn’t stop teams and analysts alike from getting prepared ahead of schedule.

Now is the time that draftniks try to identify which players will break out in the upcoming college football season. There are hundreds and hundreds of players that enter the NFL Draft each year, so the summer is the perfect time to find out who will be a diamond in the rough. DeVante Kincade might be one of those prospects.

The quarterback out of Dallas, Texas was a four-star recruit coming out of high school. He signed on to play for Ole Miss, and was redshirted in his first year. He saw limited action sitting behind the likes of Bo Wallace and Chad Kelly, and eventually transferred to Grambling State.

Upon arrival, Kincade became a starter and impressed right from the get go. Last season, he threw for 3,022 yards and completed 63.9 percent of his passes. He also put up an impressive 31:4 touchdown-to-interception ratio. With another season under his belt, he could become one of the best quarterbacks in the 2018 class.

cover32 got the chance to talk with him about his career thus far and his goals for the upcoming season.

You started off your collegiate career at Ole Miss, but transferred to Grambling State. What was your reason for doing so?

DeVante Kincade: My mom was sick: she had blood clots (and) a stroke. When she was in the process of that…(I moved) to make sure she was okay, because I wouldn’t have nobody to look after her. My brother wasn’t home, so it was just me. At one point, I think I missed a game at Ole Miss – I missed a game in my last season there when I was about to play. So that’s really the main reason: to make sure she was okay.

You teamed up with Chad Williams last season, who was a third-round pick by the Arizona Cardinals in this year’s draft. What was your favorite part about teaming up with him?

Kincade: I would say his mental aspect of the game. He’s very intelligent, he’s talented. He’s able on the field, like a quarterback. He knows all the defenses, he knows all the possible holes. He and I were always on the same page, he had a great work ethic. I probably came down over the summer time and spring time, because we worked hard. We’re both the same type of guys, and we just clicked from Day 1.

It’s a bit early, but this year’s quarterback class has been the recipient of a lot of praise so far. What makes you stand out from the pack?

Kincade: My work ethic and my mindset. You know how the say, you’re the only person that can be you? It’s just my mindset because I feel like anybody I get an opportunity for, I’m gonna take it the extra mile.

When did you realize that you could play at an NFL level?

Kincade: This past year, when I saw all of the things I did wrong, and still had success. It really shocked me, because I’ve always had that dream of going to the NFL. Being able to throw the ball all over the field and make any throw, it gave me player protection.


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What do you think you need to work on the most as you enter your final season before you go to the NFL?

Kincade: Having better pocket awareness: don’t spend all the time scrambling and staying more in the pocket. I do a good job at it, but I feel (I can improve). I know I’m fast – I’ve got the moves – but I want to be able to stay in the pocket depending on the situation and get rid of the ball.

What NFL team did you root for growing up?

Kincade: America’s Team (Dallas Cowboys). I also like the Colts and the Falcons, because I like Michael Vick and my boy Peyton Manning. Those are the two guys I kinda model (myself after). Watching them – I want to put those two together. I wanna have Michael Vick’s escapability, but I wanna have Peyton Manning’s ball ability and his mindset.

That was actually gonna be my next question – which player do you model your game after – so you knocked those both out there.

Outside of football, how do you like to spend your time?

Kincade: Most of the time I like to read, and whenever I’m not in the film room or on the field, I’m in the weight room. That’s really all I do. I’m always working out.

What goals do you have as you enter the 2017 season?

Kincade: First of all, I’ll take it one game at a time. I said I was trying to go for 6,000 yards, 40 touchdowns and a national championship. I like to dream big – I like to dream extreme – because if I say I’m elite, then I can be it. 6,000 yards, 40 touchdowns, no interceptions, and being in the national championship, and really just leading the team.

Let’s say I’m a general manager in the NFL. What would I be getting if I drafted you next April?

Kincade: (You’d get) a dedicated young man – intelligent – most definitely a gentleman, and a positive influence.

– Jacob Infante is the Social Media Director for cover32. He can be followed on Twitter @jacobinfante24.

– You can follow DeVante on Twitter @KincadeTheHulk.

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