Raiders Increase in Value Due to Vegas Relocation

Raiders new home.
May 31, 2017; Las Vegas, NV, USA: General overall aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip on Las Vegas Blvd including the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, Luxor hotel and casino, T-Mobile Arena, Monte Carlo resort and casino, MGM Grand Las Vegas hotela and casino and T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

When everyone thought the Las Vegas saga would end, little drips of Raiders info emerge. This week, Forbes magazine estimated the team’s worth at 2.1 billion. As a result of the relocation to Nevada, the team’s value grew 47 percent in a year. Yet, looking at the comments, tweets, and social media interaction, some fans are rather upset.


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The Myth:
If doubt ever truly existed that Raiders owner Mark Davis sits atop a gold mine, the valuation of his team should calm that. However, the rather large cadre of unhappy fans will not cease. From flatly insulting Davis’ finances to imploring a sale, some stay angry. Unfortunately, Davis will never cave in to their wishes. Under those consequences, Davis walks away with a billion dollar franchise and a new stadium. Looking at the increase of the worth, Davis no longer sits at the kids’ table.

In the NFL, money remains the most coveted asset. Teams can lie to your face, explaining the image and fan interaction. If you don’t have cable or attend a game, the league does not focus on you. As blunt as that may be, it‘s true. Additionally, remember the Carson deal? Mark Davis did not enjoy his finest hour over that. In contrast, the league held out for a better deal. Can you blame them? For a machine that thrives on income, the league will not accept less than top dollar. Now, Mark Davis sits in charge of a billion-dollar franchise. In effect, the league made him much richer.

With all of this talk of money, a couple of questions jump to mind. First, how badly did Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf botch this? Granted, Mark Davis seemed hell-bent on leaving, but the league dragged their feet. The sixth largest media market lost a team. If fans want to be angry at another person, cast your venom towards City Hall. Without delay, a realistic deal could’ve happen. Yet, here we are.

The Future:
All of a sudden, the formerly humble Raiders franchise has substantial financial worth. While that is incredible, we need to realize how this happened. A large section of the fanbase remains bitterly unhappy. However, we cannot keep revisiting the issue. In reality, the NFL decided this long ago.

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