Mount Rushmore: Worst NFL Uniforms

mount rushmore
In the midst of the NFL offseason, cover32 will debut a series of new segments to hype up NFL fans for the start of the 2017 season. The Mount Rushmore series follows the doppelgangers, roundtable, and debate series. 

On my Mount Rushmore for Best Uniforms, the uniforms tended to come from franchises with a deep history and tradition. Consistency is key, from developing a brand (logos, uniforms, etc.) to establishing a winning culture.

It’s no coincidence that the teams with terrible uniforms also lack that consistency. So, in no particular order, I present to you the Mount Rushmore for Worst Uniforms:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Buccaneers wallowed for two decades in a terrible creamsicle-colored concept. When they did find success with Tony Dungy and later John Gruden, they had completely changed the identity of the team.

Pewter and red with a pirate flag gave the Bucs a unique look all their own, while complementing the swashbuckling aggressiveness of Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and John Lynch-led defenses.

Yet, they decided to give all of that up, switching out the pewter for a dark gray and adding a number font reminiscent of a digital alarm clock.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Oddly enough, the Jaguars most recent set is an upgrade from the previous Reebok train wreck. But it’s still a far cry from the extremely underrated uniforms of the Tom Coughlin era. Coincidentally, that was the last time the Jaguars were a legit contender.

Sure, they have all the bells and whistles that make modern uniforms look gimmicky, but overall the jersey and pants don’t look too bad. The real reason that these are terrible is because they take away from the identity that Coughlin established. Oh, and those helmets make me want to vomit.

Cleveland Browns

It appeared to many that Nike outsourced the design of these uniforms to Fubu. The helmet has a sharper orange color and the brown facemask is an upgrade, but the rest spits on the corpse of a uniform set that used to be in the top 5.

The sleeve stripes now take up half the jersey. The “Cleveland” across the chest is reminiscent of a college football team, and the “Browns” down the side of the pant leg screams arena football.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have had a middle of the road to go along with a middle of the road team for the past decade. Since their move to Los Angeles, they’ve run into an issue: the NFL will only let teams change their full uniforms every five seasons, and the Rams want a new set to coincide with the opening of their new stadium.

Still wanting to make changes to a bland uniform set, the Rams scrapped as much vegas gold as possible. They ended up making things worse. They now have one of the worst sets in football with three different shades of blue, a broad ugly pant stripe (the stripe in the mockup was significantly better), and enough gold to destroy the clean, throwback look.

And worse yet, the stadium construction has been potentially delayed until 2020, which means we’re stuck with these duds for awhile.

(Dis)Honorable Mentions

Tennessee Titans

The Titans uniforms have never looked right to me. They look like a cheap template that a Pee Wee team orders. And it’s a shame since their predecessor, the Houston Oilers, incorporated light blue and red so well.

Denver Broncos

Twenty years ago, these would have easily made the Worst Uniform Mount Rushmore, but after years of sustained success and a plethora of other bad uniforms entering the market, they don’t look as bad as they did. Still, those stripes down the side need to go.


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