Buffalo Bills: Things we know this Week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

“Negative Stanley” has been reticent as of late. I would hate to lament being that this is exactly what I and many other patients and staff members at the chiropractor’s facility have yearned for.  If one was to assume anything regarding Stanley’s unusual behavior, it would be that the mandatory mini-camp has passed while training camp has not started yet for the Bills. The NHL draft and the aggressive days of free agency have come and gone.

With all of the firings and hiring’s, players coming and going within the Pegula Sports family… Stan has had enough excitement in a couple months to fulfill a few seasons. After all Stan isn’t getting any younger, so hopefully he is relaxing and enjoying his Bison’s baseball season tickets, his favorite lawn fetes as well as a short break in the action in Bills country and Sabers Land.

Normal human down time is what it is. You would think I have known Stanley long enough to realize that his rare reserved demeanor was disguising a “calm before the storm.” Not I. I just brushed it off as a retired senior citizen enjoying relaxation. Keep telling yourself that Scott.

I proceeded to pay my co-payment and schedule my next visit with the receptionist and headed out the door to leave. Just as I was angling my way towards my truck fiddling around with the remote starter I heard some God awful west coast trap music blasting out the open windows of a yellow Toyota Prius as it jumped its way into the parking lot because the little red head female driver never slowed down to enter.

I actually had to take two steps backwards guaranteeing my safety because she was not slowing down until she slammed on the brakes directly in front of the man door of the doctor’s office.

I then realized Stanley was getting out of the back door on the passenger side. He did not give any cash to the girl or have her run a credit card. He kind of exchanged ‘goodbyes’ that seemed to scream of insincerity. The red head girl in her twenties peeled out Prius style, this time almost flattening out Stanley’s Rockport walking shoes, vibram soles and all.

I looked at Stanley with a curious bewildered anxious look that he has been peered at with many times before. Stanley just shrugged his shoulders and asked “What? What? Oh That. It’s called Uber, brand new to the city. Ride sharing. Get with the times. I got an app for it on my phone. I have one for fantasy football as well. You know what an app is Scott… Right? This one is called Uber and I can write that down for you if you want? I paid on line by PayPal. Obviously as you noticed she was not expecting a gigantic tip”, he coughed and laughed simultaneously.

Just when I was going to say goodbye and explain to him that I am the one that taught him what a phone app was, as a matter of fact I am the one who convinced him on the acquisition of his first smart phone he began to speak. When he begins to speak one does not talk first, over him or ignore him. Not just out of respect. But because he will not let you free until he speaks his mind… So the sooner the better.

“That dang girl is crazy. She is a crazy driver with dollar signs in her eyes to get as many driving gigs per day as possible. I came back, cross examining him, “Stanley, her driving is not what the issue is. You are fired up. What did she do to ruffle your feathers this much?” Apparently he has had this girl as a driver on more than one occasion. They had history. The red head girl. Reminds me of Charlie Brown. Stanley is no Charlie Brown. That is a “given”.

He proceeded to go on explaining things. Apparently the topic was approached when other customers were still in the car. It was a couple in their early 20’s, similar in age to the driver. The topic was football based on they were listening to Sports talk on the radio that was focusing on the great playoff draught.

This couple, who were too young to remember the Bills last playoff game, had heard the stories of the “almost dynasty” of the late 80’s and early 90’s and even some of those post superbowl teams featuring Ted Washington, Bryce Paup and Chris Speilman.


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The couple, who we can call Jack and Jill, Raggedy Ann and Andy or Hansel & Gretel so to keep it simple, Jack and Jill were extremely positive considering the teams they have witnessed in addition to the coaches and quarterback revolving door that has been the team’s story since they were old enough to follow the game.

The driver carried herself a bit differently. Keeping Stanley in her sights because he was wearing a Bills hat and shirt, the driver responded to Jack and Jill’s comments.

“You all talk about what a great traditional organization this team is and has been. You make a 17 year playoff draught sound like a bump in the road on some otherwise immaculate track record. So the Bills were bad, improving to mediocre throughout Kelly’s first couple years as the team was assembled, gained experience and finally gelled. A bump in the road in Cleveland caused the Bickering Bills scandal.

“Minus that bump in the road, they dominated from 88 through 93 winning many division titles, AFC championships and playoff games. They were horrible the year after the super bowl run ended. They re-tooled on the go bringing in Wade Phillips defense with Ted Washington, Chris Spielman and Bryce Paup and Regaining playoff status, but not doing too much damage once they got there. Then Kelly retires. Marv could not coach the Kelly-less team as Todd Collins prooves to be a big bust and Marv retires, if he was not forced out the door.

“Wade comes in as head coach and we have two playoff seasons followed by an 8-8 team which became the end of the Wade era and what we know now as the beginning of the draught. Tom Donahoe gets full control and hires Greg Williams and here we are 17 years later as a laughing stock of the NFL. We draft running backs in the first round when we do not need them. We ignore quarterback because we think we are fine with tools like J.P. Losman Trent Edwards and Ryan Fitzpatrick. Enough of beating a dead horse here. Think how they got good being able to draft the likes of Bruce Smith… they had horrible 2-14 seasons that we want to forget with Hank Bullough and Kay Stevenson as coaches attempting to replace a really good coach like Chuck Knox? The Chuck Knox who coached the Rams to five consecutive division titles in the 1970’s!

“He did some rebuilding the first season in Buffalo, but soon enough was in the playoffs back to back years in addition to a division title. So yes we had a couple decent years in the early 80’s until Knox packed up and took a more desirable job in Seattle when Ralph would not shell out the needed cash to keep the world class coach. Most of the 70’s is a bad Joe Ferguson team kept on the map by pure amazing unforgettable running by OJ Simpson. If OJ is not running in the 70’s, it would be remembered worse than this draught. I do not count the 60’s championship teams because that was a different league winning the AFL when half or more of the world’s best players were not even in your league.

“He got lucky with Bill Polian becoming who he was while on the job here and by bringing in his recycled buddy Marv Levy, who was nothing to write home about for Kansas City and then was banished to re-establish himself up north in the Canadian Football League. Polian brings him in just as the Andre Reed’s, Talley’s, Kelly’s, and Smith’s were coming together and then followed by genius moves Bill Polian bringing in Cornelius Bennett, Steve Tasker and Shane Conlan. Call it luck that Marv got Kent Hall and Jim Kelly as the USFL was imploding and went under forcing certain players whose rights belonged to NFL teams to go play ball or sit out of the sport.

“The Bills have lost a lot of free agents over the years because paying the money was not even discussed as an option, and really the salary cap could have been worked around. So if you really examine the teams accomplishments and celebrations next to mediocrity and purely pathetic… the Bills have proven to be a bad organization if you had to rate them overall. 17 years alone should do that, but we can look at previous decades and the many many bad seasons or below average non playoff teams. The fact that because Tom Donahoe did not do as well as expected did not mean they had to go ahead and have no GM or Marv Levy and even Russ Brandon in the role to avoid a bad hire. To avoid giving too much power too soon maybe?

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“Fear of failure caused the team not to take risks for a while. Big moves were token signings like Terrell Owens to sell some seats. Why do the Bills have so few quarterbacks drafted in total in team history, but especially in the first and second round when it’s the absolute most important position in the sport and continues to be even more important?

The great coaches and GM’s wanted no part of coming here so Dick Jeron, Buddy Nix, Chan Gaily and Doug Whaley mediocrity became the norm. Rex was a big name unorganized lazy clown who lived off of his dads reputation, his own success at position and coordinator level positions and especially two Jets teams going to the AFC championship game that were built before his arrival.

“The Bills organization frankly sucks. Deal with it. Once your playoff draught ends the embarrassment, they will still suck. Keep your chin up though, there is your hopes that your new GM and coach are the organized disciplined answer while they are undefeated during the off season. Once the season, which on paper is the hardest schedule in the NFL begins, and the losses start piling up and people start to sweat jobs, let’s see how the GM and coach act under the gun.

“If you are going to bottom out to rebuild you can’t have first round busts like Mike Williams to show for your three-win season. Eric Flowers,John McCargos, Bucky Brooks, JP Losman, EJ Manuel, Mckelvin, Maybin… the list is endless. Face it. You should be ashamed to admit that someone paid good money for that ball cap and t-shirt. 17 years is not a slump. It’s an entire existence for some teams in history. Its many many generations in football years. Just look at Tom Brady who has been around for those 17 seasons. He has won nonstop and his worst record was 9-7.

“He has had generations of draft picks come in and have a career and retire. Rinse, wash and repeat. Meanwhile in Buffalo, they keep finding new ways to somehow justify their existence or something new to hope for or someone else to blame.”

Negative Stanley had met his match. He loves to complain and talk smack, but he also loves his Buffalo Bills when it’s all said and done. I think Jack and Jill decided that either they were not a match for her or were just caught off guard with how she went off. It sounds like they were a bit scared being with this being their first Uber experience. They probably laughed about it later that evening over some beers.

Stanley on the other hand was devastated it would appear. So much of his life emotionally went into the Buffalo sports teams. He could bash them all he wanted, but he won’t tolerate someone else taking it to this level of a rant. I asked Stanley if he was ok. This was not the first time she has been his driver.

“Got ya Scott! Ha ha! That rant was me schooling Jack and Jill. The red head thought I was funny and she texts me. She is just a crazy driver in a hurry. I can’t believe you thought she ranted with that much passion about events she was not even alive for or old enough to remember. Old time football to her was Flutie Flakes. Get your popcorn ready”

Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week:

Adolphus Washington was arrested Sunday outside of his hometown in WKRP Land of Cincinnati, Ohio on weapons charges. “We are aware of the incident regarding Adolphus Washington and have been in contact with him. Since it is a pending legal matter, we will have no further comment.” This was the Bills’ statement to the press when confronted about the situation which is not Washington’s first arrest. He was also arrested in college for soliciting a prostitute and was suspended from a bowl game. It will be interesting to see where this goes now that forgive and forget Rex is no longer calling the shots.

The NFL Supplemental Draft has come and gone. There were no players selected. Not just by the Bills, no players were selected by any team.

The Bills’ portion of national NFL revenue was revealed to be an enormous $244 million.  Terry Pegula said when he bought the Sabres if he wants to make money he will drill more oil. He has downplayed the urgency for a new stadium. That money right there is just revenue sharing… not one ticket or jersey sold is in that. With that kind of sharing, a stadium should be no big deal to him after a few years of this with no state or county assistance. That being said… I can say that all I want but don’t count on it.

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