The Mount Rushmore of fantasy football players

mount rushmore
In the midst of the NFL offseason, cover32 will debut a series of new segments to hype up NFL fans for the start of the 2017 season. The Mount Rushmore series follows the doppelgangers, roundtable, and debate series. 

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If there was a Mount Rushmore for fantasy football players who would be on there?

I have chosen one quarterback, one running back, one wide receiver, and one tight end to represent my own Mount Rushmore for fantasy glory. Each of these players currently holds the record for most fantasy points scored in a single game for their specific position. For fantasy scoring purposes these points are calculated on point-per-reception scoring. The date range for this is 1950 to 2016.


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Quarterback: Michael Vick – Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins – November 15th, 2010

20 pass completions for 333 yards and four touchdowns. Eight rushes for 80 yards and two touchdowns.

No surprise here. The human cheat code will most certainly find himself upon the fantasy football greats. I remember this game very vividly as the next year I drafted Vick because I could not forget how unstoppable he was in this game. Or that perfect deep pass he threw to DeSean Jackson to start the game. 52.3 fantasy points in total. Amazing.

Running Back: Jamaal Charles – Kansas City Chiefs at Oakland Raiders – December 15th, 2013

Eight rushes for 20 yards and one touchdown. Eight receptions for 195 yards and five touchdowns.

In this particular game, Charles did the majority of his damage through the air. Scoring 62.5 fantasy points Charles is the active player with the record for the most fantasy points scored in a single game. For those interested in seeing who would be the number one running back in non-PPR, the answer is Clinton Portis. Portis accumulated 55.40 standard scoring fantasy points by rushing for 218 yards with five touchdowns back in 2007.

Wide Receiver: Jerry Rice – San Francisco 49ers at Atlanta Falcons – October 14th, 1990

13 receptions for 225 yards and five touchdowns. No surprise to see Jerry Rice on this representing the wide receivers.

In this game, Rice accumulated 68.5 fantasy points…the most that one player has ever scored in PPR formats. Rice is also the only player to score over 60 fantasy points twice. He also scored 64.9 fantasy points five years later at age 33! You see him put up 60+ points and all you can do is think back to those weeks where your team all together could not put up 60 points combined.

Tight End: Kellen Winslow – San Diego Chargers at Oakland Raiders – November 22nd, 1981

13 receptions for 144 yards and five touchdowns.

Was unsure what player would be taking the tight end’s place on the mountain, but Winslow is more than deserving. In this game, Winslow accumulated 60.4 fantasy points…the most ever by a tight end in a single game. The only player I feel capable of breaking this is Rob Gronkowski.

My Mount Rushmore of fantasy football players has been filled and I feel that it is well represented. These single game performances won owners their weeks for sure. It will be interesting to see which record falls first!

If you are interested more in the history of single-game fantasy performances please check out this link.

— Andrew Erickson is the Managing Editor for cover32 Arizona and a National Writer for cover32. He covers the Arizona Cardinals and the NFL. Follow him on Twitter @AndrewErickson_.

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