Cowboys Continue To Make Headlines As Training Camp Approaches

Ezekiel Elliott finds himself in hot water yet again, while Lucky Whitehead has his pet stolen. Recapping an eventful Cowboys weekend.

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Elliot's suspension was the news of the week. Photo courtesy of USAToday

While almost all of the other 31 teams are enjoying their time off and beginning to prepare for training camp, the Dallas Cowboys are in the news yet again. And not the good kind of news either, I know, shocker.

Fans and reporters began to flood social media outlets over the weekend after ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Ezekiel Elliott was bracing for a short suspension stemming from various off the field incidents. You can find Schefter’s full video here.

The NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell have demonstrated that precedence is not necessarily a requirement for doling out punishment. So if Goodell was on the fence whether or not a suspension for Elliott was warranted over the weekend, he definitely had his mind made up Monday morning.

Early this morning it became apparent that Elliott was again mixed up with law enforcement. This time at the scene of a Dallas bar. The alleged incident occurred Sunday night and details are still emerging. Eyewitnesses stated that Elliott had knocked a man unconscious, but again those claims are unsubstantiated at this point in time.

You can rest assured any type of controversy involving the Cowboys, ESPN will be all over it, as Schefter tweeted out this statement from the Dallas Police Department.

Despite Elliott not being mentioned by name initially, all of that could still change. Regardless if Zeke did or did not do anything, this is just another bad look for the second year running back. It seems like ever since he came into the league, there has been some sort of controversy surrounding #21, albeit warranted or not. From the domestic violence allegations to exposing a woman’s breast at a St. Patrick’s Day parade, to being involved in a motor vehicle accident, there is a growing sense the NFL has had enough. At what point does the team, coaching staff, fans stop giving this young man a pass for being young, and admit that he has a bit of a self control issue when in public settings.


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After he was drafted, Elliott’s father Stacy gave this quote to ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill in a story for ESPN magazine …

‪”My biggest worry is … I don’t believe my son knows how to navigate in life being a superstar,” Stacy says. “He’s like a little boy who wants to play football and have fun and enjoy people. We’ve always said this about Ezekiel, ever since he came into the world. He’s just happy to be alive. He’s a happy guy. But this world is not.”‬

Talk about a prophetic quote. It may be time for the Cowboys to step in and take action before this young man does some real harm to not only his team, but his future career as well.

As if the Zeke drama wasn’t enough for a Monday morning in July, our friends over at Cowboys Wire reported that wide out Lucky Whitehead’s home was burglarized. To top it off, not only did the thieves steal property, but they also kidnapped, er dognapped Lucky’s dog Blitz. Whitehead took to Instagram to point out that the burglars are now holding Blitz for ransom.

Hopefully everything is resolved peacefully and Blitz is returned home safely.

We can’t have all bad news surrounding our ‘Boys, so here is something in the positive category. Forbes released their annual evaluation detailing the most valuable sports teams in the world. Once again the Dallas Cowboys claimed the top spot. Jerry Jones and company have the team’s value up 5% from last year, now checking in at a staggering $4.2  billion, nearly $500 million more than the second place New York Yankees. Despite not winning a Super Bowl since 1995, the Cowboys value continues to climb year after year. I can only imagine what that value will look like after they win number six.


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