2017 Raiders One on One: Gabe Jackson vs. Ndamukong Suh

Raiders Guard Gabe Jackson
October 9, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders guard Gabe Jackson (66) during the third quarter against the San Diego Chargers at Oakland Coliseum. The Raiders defeated the Chargers 34-31. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


During every Raiders game, there are one on one matchups pitting standout players on each side on the ball.  In Week 9, Oakland travels to South Florida to face the Dolphins. Miami’s defense improved in 2016, helped to guide them to the AFC playoffs. One of the defensive leaders is standout DT Ndaumakong Suh. In 2015, Suh signed a six-year, 114 million dollar deal. On that Sunday in October, Sun faces a challenge in Raiders RG Gabe Jackson. Below is what Suh brings to the table.


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Granted, most defensive tackles possess some form of strength. Yet, Suh derives his from an explosive coil before the snap. When the ball moves, he’s all over the guard. Consequently, he can win one on one battles with a forearm and shoulder en route to the quarterback. As a result, his momentum carried his forward more often than not. For Jackson to thrive, he will need to blunt Suh’s strength by a good solid base and whole body effort. More importantly, prepare for four quarters of this headache.


When he played for the Lions, Suh gained a reputation for dirty play. From kicked and stomping to folding up quarterbacks with abandon. However, his style of penalty in Miami significantly changed. Instead of questionable tactics, Suh now attempts to jump the snap every play. Chiefly, Suh lines up in the restricted area. In the last two seasons, he accrued 10 neutral zone infractions. As always, the referees will spot this in a heartbeat. Count on him repeatedly seeing flags.


In effect, money did not change Suh’s approach to football. He remains the same hot-headed, violent talented tackle. Only his bank account improved. With that said, Suh realizes that he’s at a critical point in his career. At 30, the projected slide should begin. Until that happens, he will continue to bully guards. On the other hand, Gabe Jackson does not get pushed around by anyone. In fact, he’s quick to manhandle opponents. Be that as it may, Suh’s attitude toward his opponents should concern anyone who roots for the Raiders. No one should worry about Jackson. The cause for concern starts and ends with Derek Carr. As mentioned, Suh will attempt to take liberties with quarterbacks. While Trent Cole’s leg-breaking tackle of Carr was completely clean, Suh will attempt to injure. Anyone who says differently is not being honest.  For example:

In reality, Gabe Jackson is built to handle Suh. His size prevents him from intimidation, while his power could negate Suh’s. In the final analysis, the battle remains between two Pro Bowlers.

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