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In the midst of the NFL offseason, cover32 will debut a series of new segments to hype up NFL fans for the start of the 2017 season. The Mount Rushmore series follows the doppelgangers, roundtable, and debate series.

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The tier levels for uniforms in the NFL are a lot like those of success in the league. There are a handful of elite uniforms, some God awful uniforms, but most sets are forgettable and middle of the road.

These sets though stand out as the best around. I did try to gauge how people felt about this via Twitter polling, but in the end I had to make executive decisions based on a criteria of my choosing.

If your team didn’t make this Mount Rushmore, just hope they’re not on my ‘Worst Uniform’ Mount Rushmore. In no particular order, I present to you the Mount Rushmore for Best Uniforms:


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Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys have claimed the term “America’s Team” going on forty years now, and their uniforms are iconic. Well, at least one of them is…

NFL teams tend to wear colored jerseys at home, but the Cowboys were the team to buck the trend in 1964. They wear white at home and only break out the blue jerseys when forced to (usually by a rival trying to throw them off their game).

Like most of the uniforms on this list, Dallas’ uniforms are traditional but quirky. If you notice, the pant colors on the home and road uniforms don’t match. Neither do the home and road shades of blue.

There are a variety of reasons for this, but I think we can safely say that the Cowboys’ home uniform is on the level of baseball’s New York Yankees home pinstripes.

Oakland Raiders

Sure, these jerseys appear extremely plain, but you can still feel the aggressiveness and swagger that the late Al Davis espoused during their golden years. Ironically, Al Davis’ well known “silver and black” uniforms were initially gold and black (thanks to his time in the U.S. Army).

While there has been a downtick in intimidation from the team over the past decade or so, this set is a timeless building block that transcends cities and decades. Just win, baby.

San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers spent most of the ’90s and ’00s in the league’s mediocre jersey limbo thanks to heavy doses of black and shadow drop numbers. But they quickly turned things with a re-design that brought back elements the past.

The elimination of “black for black’s sake” (a term coined by the great Paul Lukas of ESPN) has helped simplify the look. An element that I appreciate given the change in uniform cuts is that the triple sleeve stripes, a staple of their design since the ’60s, are tailored to taper off in the middle of the sleeve depending on the player’s jersey cut. Most teams just scraped stripes altogether unfortunately.

Pittsburgh Steelers

As you can tell, consistency is key if you want to get a uniform on the Best Uniform Mount Rushmore. And the Steelers are another example of this.

These jerseys scream “Steel City” and harken back to the days of Franco, Bradshaw, and the Steel Curtain. Sure, I’d go with a font that fit the set better, but they are still a gold standard.

The greatest element is the one-sided helmet logo. It’s something that is pure “Steelers,” similar to the Alabama Crimson Tide’s numbered helmets.

Honorable Mentions

Buffalo Bills

I think that Buffalo might just have the best looking uniform set in the NFL. It’s clean, crisp, and the socks have stripes (which is very important if you wear the same color socks and pants).

Unfortunately for them, they went through a long period of having the worst uniforms in the NFL after Jim Kelly retired.

Washington Redskins

Adding back the gold pants has really helped this set. It brings you back to the George Allen era. But in the end, it just misses the side of the mountain.


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