Sean McDermott already looking like the right hire for the Buffalo Bills

Putting his stamp on the Buffalo Bills training camp, Sean McDermott already looks like the right person to be head coach.

Jun 13, 2017; Orchard Park, Buffalo, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott during a press conference before the start of during mini-camp at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Preparing to be constant force at the Buffalo Bills’ upcoming preseason training camp, Sean McDermott is looking like he was a smart choice to be named as the team’s head coach earlier in the offseason. Bringing a new sense of support to the team, it will be interesting to see if McDermott’s first major moments on the field will have any affect on how the team performs this season.

Holding a morning meeting with the team every day, McDermott plans to be a major player in the events that unfold during training camp. “My hand will be on the back of this team at all times. Sometimes that means it’s like this pushing and sometimes that means it’s just right here holding it still and the guys know, even though the pressure may not be as hard, when they look, yeah, I’m right here from a support standpoint.”


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This a big change from the most recent Rex Ryan-era. Eliminating the mid-morning practices that Ryan-favored during his time with the team and replacing them with early morning sessions, McDermott is also eliminating most of the night practices except for those that are apart of tradition with the team, McDermott is clearly putting his mark on how he believes the team should be run.

This mark though comes from his time coaching under current Chiefs head coach Andy Reid. Working under Reid during their time in Philadelphia, McDermott looks to be taking pages from his old-bosses playbook as it pertains to training camp. To me, this could be good news considering how successful of a head coach Andy Reid has been over his entire career.

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McDermott also appears to have a set outcome in what he looking for from training camp. “I really see camp for nothing more than that in terms of, it’s not to play games, It’s to get our work in and be focused. When we’re there, I want to know that everyone’s focused, number one. And, number two, is I want to feel the camaraderie building.”

Comparing this to the previous Ryan regime, this a big swing and hopefully one that can help push the Buffalo Bills forward in the coming years. While I have my doubts about what can happen in 2017 for this team, the future does look bright for the Buffalo Bills in the years to come.

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