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It is our great pleasure to feature Darlene “Skinsuperfan” Lodge in this issue of the Redskins Ladies Pulpit. She is very active in Redskins groups on Facebook. She and I have over 700 “mutual Redskins friends.” Having known Darlene for years, I know she is an all-weather, true, loyal Washington Redskins fan. She knows our team, coaches and the game of football just as much as any male fan I know.  Here’s Darlene’s story:

“I became a Redskins fan at a very young age. My parents lived right on the fringe of Washington, DC back in the 1950’s. The apartment complex in Kaywood off of Arundel Road also was the home of some of the Washington Redskins football players. My mom remembers conversations with some of the players’ wives about the huge appetites of their football player husbands.  Let’s face it. Times have changed dramatically since free agency. Players back in the day did not make the mega bucks most do now. They played for “the love of the game.”

My earliest memories are of watching and hearing my dad yelling at the television during football games. He taught me the game of football including the rules, strategy and each position on offense and defense.

As a longtime season ticket holder, I have experienced both the good times and those disappointing seasons. However, I have always “fanned up” and stayed loyal to my Washington Redskins. Nothing can dampen my support and love for the Redskins.

My most cherished memories are those awesome times at RFK Stadium when we fans literally rocked the stands. My favorite games were the playoff game versus the Detroit Lions and of course, beating Denver in the Super Bowl. I was one of the 30,000 fans who threw their souvenir seat cushions onto the field in celebration of the convincing victory over the Detroit Lions and Barry Sanders. I was so happy when quarterback Doug Williams led our Redskins to 5 touchdowns in the 2nd quarter to destroy the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. Those are only two of my favorite memories.

My favorite player is Art Monk, number 81. My car license plate reads SKINS81. His integrity and professionalism will always be remembered. I was so happy when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame. I follow the team every year and go to training camp at least twice a year. They really do a wonderful job for the fans. I have a “badass” tattoo on my neck and people comment on it saying I really do love my Redskins. My favorite coaches are George Allen and Joe Gibbs. I do like Jay Gruden and hope he delivers a Super Bowl win.

I am happy the courts finally upheld our right to continue to call our team the Washington Redskins. I am part Native American myself and I know the logo, the trademark and the helmet adopted by George Allen were approved by Indian chiefs back in 1971. I never considered it offensive or racist like Phil Sims and a few others claimed it to be. I, for one, am proud to be called a Washington Redskins fan. The logo reflects the American spirit, pride, honor, courage and is actually a tribute to those who were in this country first.

In closing, I would like to say that I like having Doug Williams in the front office and I hope our Redskins remain “drama free.” The last NFL drafts have been very good and I am optimistic about our 2017 Redskins team on both sides of the ball. Thanks for the opportunity to use the Redskins Ladies Pulpit.”

Thank you, Darlene, for that wonderful testimony.

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