cover32 20/20 Insight w/Burack & Glendon: #2 – Lonzo vs the NFL

cover32 20/20 Insight w/Burack & Glendon is a weekly podcast that focuses on the latest NFL topics in a debate format. Site editors Bobby Burack and Ian Glendon will first talk the week’s biggest story lines before getting into the top debate of the week. Each week they will end on an away-from-football topic. 

The hosts:

In addition to hosting ‘cover32 20/20 Insight w/Burack & Glendon’,

Bobby Burack — cover32 National co-editor; Managing Editor of cover32 Packers; host of ‘The cover32 Podcast w/Bobby Burack’.

Ian Glendon — cover32 National co-editor; Managing Editor of cover32 Patriots; host of ‘The cover32 Team Preview w/Ian Glendon’.


Around the NFL: Free agent QB, Robert Griffen III, works out for the Los Angeles Chargers

What’s Trending: HOF QB, Joe Montana, fan of WR, Odell Beckham Jr., but disapproves of Miami boat trip

Moving On: Patriots’ WR, Andrew Hawkins, announces retirement from NFL

2018 NFL Draft: Gearing up for another loaded RB draft class in 2018

cover32 Podcasts: Ian Glendon sits down with author, Barstool Sports and Boston radio icon, Jerry Thornton

Topics include:

  • Lucky Whitehead
  • The Cowboys’ issues
  • Are the Seahawks in trouble?
  • 30 sacks?
  • Who should the Rams start?
  • Will Lonzo Ball cost the NFL money?
  • ‘Game of Thrones’ talk
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