Buffalo Bills finally giving fans hope after 17 long years

Following some great hires this offseason, the Buffalo Bills are finally giving their fans some hope for the future.

Jun 13, 2017; Orchard Park, Buffalo, USA; Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott during a press conference before the start of during mini-camp at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

As training camp will come about shortly, daily football for the Buffalo Bills will once again begin to pick up steam. We have seen countless coaches pass by us into every training camp looking for something to grasp onto. Our wagon has been on its last leg for the past 17 years, but all the sudden it seems revamped; with a new reign master to credit for this change.

We’ve seen the Mike Malarkey’s, Dick Jauron’s, and yes, the Rex Ryan’s. Looking back it’s quite the mediocre setup for that “recipe for success”. Thank you Russ Brandon, the late Ralph Wilson, and even Terry Pegula. Maybe to create the “perfect” recipe you should’ve actually looked in the Patriots cookbook and not the Sunday comic’s section of The Buffalo News.


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Everyone who has signed a contract as a head coach or general manager position has picked up the same comics section left behind from the previous big shots. Yes even you Mr. Marrone. Your dog really suffered. Now it wasn’t from your refusal to show them love, but your mediocre performance as a head coach every Sunday. Yes you may have taken the Bills to the only season above .500 in the last three years, but come on your pressers were drier than an overcooked turkey on Thanksgiving.

Seventeen years. Who’d even begin to think back that in 1999 we’d be experiencing the playoffs for the last time in over two decades? There’s a generation that doesn’t know how “Bills Mafia” we can really get. They don’t know TRUE Fandamonium. But for seventeen years, we’ve been snookered into believing that the new head coach Chan freaking Gailey is going to get us back there.

Seventeen years. We thought Mr. EJ Manuel was the Bills quarterback savior… bringing us back to god-like throws that Jim Kelly once produced twenty years ago. Who can forget the Amazing start job in London by Manuel. Two throws, two interceptions, two touchdowns… FOR JACKSONVILLE! There we were, sickened by yet another year with no change.

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Its 2017, and what’s different. New coach? Check! New General Manager? Check! Mediocre? *Crickets chirp* hmmm. Hey, would you say for the first time in 17 years, we, yes I said we; The Buffalo Bills have hired what appears to be a reliable, dependable, winning attitude group of men? I know I’m as flabbergasted as you are!

It’s sad to see that we have become so used to a failing organization that seeing coaches and general managers with a winning culture is kind of leaving us in shock. The fans of this organization haven’t had this much excitement towards the team in years. This is much different than Buddy Nix or Doug Whaley in office. They were two bums that had no idea on how to run a football team.

McDermott and Beane know what it’s like to be in an organization; an NFL organization that could win. The Carolina Panthers won three division titles along with a super bowl experience since 2011. For once, the upper management have made the right choice on who to hire. For once, the Bills aren’t on the mediocre side of the stick. For once, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing we have, to our knowledge, hardworking employees running this team; literally taking the “Buffalo” by the horns.

For once, we can head into the season with something to cheer about and not expecting an utter tire fire from the first snap. Once August comes around and preseason starts, we will begin to see what every man is capable of in that locker room. Yet for now, Buffalo Bills fans, take your hand off the blood pressure medications, you can relax for now.

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