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The Redskins Ladies Pulpit is proud to feature Lisa Baines who became a Washington Redskins fan in the United Kingdom! She is very active with the #RedskinsTweetTeam. Lisa, the Ladies Pulpit is all yours.

“On November 18, 1985, I was watching television with my dad when he suddenly got up and switched channels. People under the age of 32 do not know of the world where people actually changed the channels on television without a remote control. My Dad said, “Just watch this most amazing game. The Washington Redskins are brilliant.”

I sat mesmerized and enjoyed hit after hit and play after play. I did not know the rules at the time, but I knew I had found a sport I would come to know and love. Living in the United Kingdom, I was not familiar with American football.

Suddenly, we saw the horrific injury to the great Joe Theismann. As this tragic incident unfolded, I saw the New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor was clearly distressed over what had happened. I knew I had found a new passion. That is when I became a Washington Redskins fan.

Like all loyal Washington Redskins fans, I have watched them through the good times and the bad times. That’s my team and I never gave up on them. As a fan living in the United Kingdom, it was not always possible to watch every game, so I subscribed to NFL magazines so I could get my Redskins “fix.”

Watching the Redskins with my dad gave us a special bond. Even now at the age of 76, my dad still watches the Washington Redskins. My husband is a New England Patriots fan, but he has a cherished Riggins #44 game shirt he wears.

I know my Washington Redskins will face any challenges and always play exciting football.

One of my proudest moments is when I became a member of the #RedskinsTweetTeam. I love them all because they are a fantastic group of loyal fans. They are always supporting and “Hailing” our team. Their positive vibes are electrifying.

Guess what! I am making a special trip to the U.S.A. and on Thanksgiving Day, I am going to the game at FedEx Field for the first time! I wish my father could go with me, but it is not possible. I know he will be watching the game and be rooting for our Redskins. He loves the Burgundy and Gold.

In closing, I am sending a shout out to the #RedskinsTweetTeam. HAIL! HTTR.”

Thank you for sharing with us, Lisa.

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Redskins Ladies Pulpit – Lisa Baines

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