The Redskins Get No Respect

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Like Rodney Dangerfield, our Washington Redskins “don’t get no respect.” For example Nate Davis of USA Today did not even mention our Washington Redskins in a video predicting who would win the NFC East. He predicted the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys will be neck and neck to win the NFC East and the Philadelphia Eagles are “much improved.” Most of the “pundits,” “talking heads” and so-called “experts” predict our Washington Redskins will have a 5 and 11 season and be the last in our division.

That is fine with me and should be alright with our Redskins coaching staff because it keeps our Redskins “under the radar.” It is also good bulletin board material to motivate our players to prove them wrong. Many of those brilliant football minds are making their prediction of 5 and 11 based on our losing wide receivers Pierre Garcon and DeSean Jackson. Remember how often these sports analysts have been wrong? None of them picked our Washington Redskins to win the NFC East in 2015. They usually have the Dallas Cowboys winning everything including the Kentucky Derby. This year, they even predict the New England Patriots will go 16 and 0 and win the Super Bowl.

First of all, in order to really make an educated prediction of what team will win any NFL Division, one must see how the training camps go, see who makes the roster, see who gets through the pre-season without getting injured and how the teams perform. Then, one needs to break down the offensive lines, the defensive lines, the secondaries and special teams. Then, they have to figure how each team matches up with their opponents, especially their rivals in their divisions. In short, it is too early to predict anything except maybe the “Kardashian Curse.”

However, since others have predicted our Redskins will go 5 and 11, I predict our Redskins will win the NFC East Division and surprise and shock the NFL. Why am I so confident that the Washington Redskins will have a winning season, their 3rd in a row? Here are my reasons:

Offensively, our offensive line has progressed under Offensive Line Coach Bill Callahan. Bill Callahan built the “Great Wall of Dallas.” He has been a head coach that went to the Super Bowl. Also, Bill Callahan will be more involved in the game planning now that he is the Assistant to Head Coach Jay Gruden, making him the #2 man. He will inject more run plays to give our offense more balance and help our quarterback Kirk Cousins. It all starts with the big guys up front. If they control the line of scrimmage, pass-protect and run-block, we will win the time of possession and have long, time-consuming drives. Our O-line is very good and will earn the name HOGS 2.0. I predict we will have a new left guard.

Our quarterback Kirk Cousins has been in the same system since he was drafted in 2012. He knows it backward and forward. Not only has he improved to the point he is becoming elite, he has that big O-line giving him time to read, plant his feet and throw unimpeded. Also, very important is the acquisition of Terrelle Pryor teamed with a healthy Josh Doctson, our 1st round draft pick of 2016. Former general manager Scot McCloughan had him as the best player in the 1st round at pick 22. We all know McCloughan is a great evaluator of football players. With those two receivers, a speedy Jamison Crowder, tight ends Jordan Reed and Vernon Davis, plus a running game, our offense will score an average of 30 points a game or more. Kirk Cousins will have the benefit of a strong defense and a running game. Yes, 30 points a game average or more. Mark it down! The Redskins offense will be in the top 4 of the NFC.

Defensively, with new Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky and his experienced coaches, our “front 7” will get more sacks and put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks and the back end. The secondary is solid with exceptional, athletic cornerbacks and safeties.

I know the special teams coach is making sure our Redskins special teams, kicking game and punt return game is all fine-tuned. Perfect practice makes perfect, according to Vince Lombardi who was our Head Coach and part owner in 1969.

We shall see who is right concerning our predictions: 5 and 11 like they say or 11 and 5 like I say. It is my belief that whatever the record is, our Redskins will win the NFC East Division and host a playoff game. We have too much talent, too good of a line on both offense and defense and an explosive offense with the tallest receivers in the NFC.

After a rough start to our 2017 season, I believe our 12th Man will be happy with the play of Josh Doctson, Terrelle Pryor and Jamison Crowder. We know we will get great play from Jordan Reed, Vernon Davis and our O-line. Kirk Cousins will prove to all doubters, pouters and do-withouters that he has developed into an elite quarterback.

Thanks to Stephen Boyd, better known as Rally Captain and members of the #RedskinsTweetTeam for keeping us posted on the Redskins Training Camp in Richmond, Virginia.

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The Redskins Get No Respect

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