Buffalo Bills: Things we know this Week

Taking a look at the things we know this week about the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills
Sep 13, 2015; Orchard Park, NY, USA; A general view of a helmet worn by the Buffalo Bills before a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

I forebode the trade of Cardale Jones coming for weeks as he neglected to halt the rapid glissade down to fourth on the quarterback depth chart heading into camp near Rochester, New York. He was not the current coaching staff or General Manager’s draft pick, which in itself is more poignant than we even acknowledge. Reps are extremely valuable to NFL players, especially those with little experience and not much of a resume against NFL level talent to view film of.

Those reps also need to go to the starter because for example; Taylor is by no means a player at the level of say Jim Kelly, who could skip all of training camp and save his body, come in to the regular season picking up routinely tossing TD’s to Andre Reed exactly like the year before never ended. Keep in mind Buffalo also drafted a quarterback who would really have to be out of place ridiculously obvious, to end his chances of at least a roster spot or practice squad place on the team.

The other signal caller was specifically, acquired for experience and depth behind Tyrod. Getting four quarterback’s enough reps in camp creates the dilemma of finding enough reps for everyone to be impactful in making sound decisions. The Reps aid in the developing of young quarterback’s and assists in the attempt to adjust to the speed of the NFL game. They also aid the coaches making career impactful decisions. That would actually be   referencing obviously the player career or lack thereof, the coaching staff’s career as well as the front office and the future.

Since Buffalo traded Cardale Jones, reuniting him with the Bills former offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn, he will obviously not be loitering around to pick up if an unfortunate injury took place. Obviously the Bills do not think he is that valuable or promising and could equal or surpass his talents or actually use of his talents, by signing or trading for another quarterback is needed.

No one claims that they are adamant on carrying three quarterback’s into the regular season except maybe on the practice squad.  That being said my crystal ball indicates if all three of these players stay remotely healthy, they would carry all three to have experience in Yates and upside promise in Peterman.


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The chances that Cardale could go on to be a career backup like Todd Collins and then surface as an impressive experienced player overcoming nonstop ‘deer in headlight’ style quarterbacking as he did earlier could not achieve earlier in his career when opportunity presented itself are there. Or like Flutie did, only becoming a pro-bowl starter after a decade in the CFL and sometime before that in the USFL is a possibility.

Could he be more of a Rob Johnson who ran out of chances in Buffalo due to injuries for the most part as referenced by radio hosts as being made of glass or even not willing to play with a hangnails. That glass boy did go on t win a superbowl with Tampa Bay holding the clipboard being Brad Johnson who was anything but an exceptional or flashy starting quarterback.

The previously mentioned scenarios are indeed an option of many outcomes that could be the future of the former standout champion at Ohio State. That being said we could also be looking at him not even being in the league a year or less down the road which would be very common for someone selected at his position in the draft with hope of his upside overcoming the many other obstacles he faces to be an NFL quarterback.

Before I conclude I will also just hope for the Bill’s sake, not Cardale Jones sake, he does not go on to become the likes of Brett Favre, Steve Young or in a different sport but a spectacular example, Dominick Hasek.  Atlanta traded away the first round pick they received for Favre and Dallas chose Kevin Smith who went on to have a decent NFL career, but no hall of fame iconic legend.

Unless he was the Kevin Smith who created movies such as Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, Clerks two and others, Kevin Smith’s NFL career, solid as far as outlasting the average length, cannot even waste any more of our time discussing compared to Brett Favre. Favre had his Hollywood action as well, not just the unrelated to this topic Kevin Smith.

Brett Favre was “the other guy” in There’s something about Mary in the 1990’s. Classic movie. I would go as far as saying amazing, but that would open up the floor for bashing the movie because it is no Piano, English Patient or Notebook. I agree to disagree. Tampa Bay received a second and fourth round draft pick from Bill Walsh who by no means was replacing stud quarterback Joe Montana, but needed security after an injury plagued season sidelined Montana often.

Dominik Hasek led the Sabres to multiple division titles, the conference finals and the Stanley cup Finals.   He won six Vezina Trophy’s, back to back Hart trophies, a huge Olympic Gold Medal — out dueling Patrick Roy in a shootout in Japan, with an encore of nothing less than two Stanley Cups in Detroit Rock City. I digress…

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Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week:

Rod Streater has been turning heads in training camp even though Holmes and Jones have gotten more of the reps behind Sammy Watkins. Streater has not been going viral with one handed circus catches or diving strikes. He has been able to find the soft spots in the zone coverage as well as establish separation when facing man to man coverage. If this continues he may also establish separation between himself and the other Buffalo wideouts at St. John Fisher College.

Tyrod Taylor led the first team offense down the field in the two minute offence utilizing multiple tight ends finally spiking the ball after handing it off one time to get the ball centered for the field goal attempt. Austin Rehkow, the undrafted free agent rookie kicker, booted it long enough with ease to make the 58 yards needed, but it traveled wide right and was no good. It was refreshing that the tight ends were utilized as well as that Tyrod got them in position to kick the needed score. Maybe they should not have centered the ball and the results would have been different.

The converted quarterback to tight end Logan Thomas continues to impress at training camp with pure athleticism leaping up between two defenders and actually coming down with the ball. The Bills took Jason Peters years back that was a tight end and converted him to a pro-bowl left tackle who has still dominated at the position years after leaving Buffalo for Philly. The Bills have other examples of both successful and unsuccessful position changes. They surely could use a fairly tale type of story with the Logan Thomas position change.

Terry Pegula has been at every practice thus far, but in a very relaxed manner. He was asked what he looks for in 2017’s version of the Bills since in his short run as owner he is on his third head coach. He basically summed it up stating that the team wants to gain respect around the league and then winning will go along with that. He wants opponents nervous about playing them. Not nervous about being upset by the worst team in football. Nervous because it will be a physical emotional draining game against the Bills and if a victory is pulled off against Buffalo… the other team stole one.

I thought that was very well said. No crazy predictions or threats. No Al Davis “Just win Baby” approach.  Build the team the right way for a change and have patience instead of changing approaches every season or two and then wondering how 17 years of no playoffs really came to be.

Well said Mr. Pegula. Well said.

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