The Miami Dolphins must act quickly with decision on Ryan Tannehill

Following another knee injury to their star quarterback, the Miami Dolphins must act quickly with a decision on a potential operation on Ryan Tannehill.

Miami Dolphins
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Before yesterday morning, all seemed to be going according to plan for the Miami Dolphins. While a concussion suffered by Jay Ajayi did serve up a small roadblock for the team to conquer, the Dolphins were still on track in terms of bringing the team back up to speed in preparation for another deep run this season.

Then, Ryan Tannehill went down with a non-contact injury to his left knee and all of that changed. Limping off the field, Tannehill was sent for an MRI that revealed no structural damage, which was a temporary burst of good news for the team’s fans. However, last night, news began to filter through with ESPN’s Adam Schefter citing sources that Tannehill would likely need surgery.


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While a second opinion will be sought, it believed that while Tannehill suffered no real damage to the knee in yesterday’s fall, the knee is unstable and will require surgery to correct the issue. Making this news even worse for Dolphins fans is that Tannehill opted to now have surgery at the end of last season and looked to be returning to full health.

Heck, Tannehill even vouched for the health of his knee just a couple of weeks ago. Obviously, the recent injury proves this statement to be false. With season-ending surgery now on the cards, the Miami Dolphins need to act fast in order to put the success of the team first.

While Ryan Tannehill is the franchise guy in Miami, he has also had knee injuries twice in the last few months. With surgery to best way to potentially correct these issues and potentially return him to his top form in the future, the Dolphins should opt for Tannehill to get the operation now so that he can potentially be fully healthy next season.

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Making the decision now would also allow the team to have a full-fledged quarterback battle between Matt Moore and a free agent signing of their choice. Two players rumored to be on the Dolphins cards this season are Jay Cutler and Colin Kaepernick, two players that will need time to get acclimated in Miami, allowing them to truly participate and give their all in a starting quarterback battle against Matt Moore.

Another issue that Miami will need to sort out in the long term is the remaining value on Ryan Tannehill’s contract. With the potential to cut Tannehill after this season saving the team nearly $35-million after dead cap is put in place, Miami may need to look for ways to either restructure or move on from Tannehill after these knee problems.

However, that is a long way off and won’t be something to really talk about until after this season. Despite this though, the Dolphins need to make sure they act in the best interest of the team first while also putting Tannehill’s health above all else as it pertains to the quarterback. Oh, and while there doing this, the clock is constantly ticking down on the team and the new quarterback conundrum they may have on their hands.

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