A wonderful new beginning for Titans fans

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A wonderful new beginning for Titans fans

Beloved Tennessee sports writer and radio host Paul Kuharsky has started a new website. Kuharsky is commonly known simply as PK. He is also the radio host at 1045 in Tennessee. Some refer to this station as “Mid-day.”┬áHis new site is PaulKuharsky.com.

Kuharsky studied journalism at Columbia University and then got his first taste of the NFL covering Al Davis. He is a member of the Pro Football Writers Association and serves on the board to elect players to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. PK wrote for the Tennessean newspaper and then covered the Titans for ESPN.


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PK is an outspoken soul that many of us Titans fans know. I don’t think you need to be aware of his back story or have me tell you who he is. Like many great writers, we have a false intimate relationship with him. We read his opinion every day and discuss it with our friends and family. Over time, this breeds a familiarity that truly isn’t present, yet readers would swear they know PK as well as some friends of theirs. We’re all familiar with PK. If you’re not, then maybe you need to be. After all, he is wonderful at providing Titans information.

“Everyone” is used to following him at ESPN.com, Facebook, and Twitter. In the future, it seems the place to go for Titans information will be PaulKuharsky.com. While he no longer writes for ESPN, it is unclear exactly what he will share on Facebook and Twitter in the future. My guess would be that he will offer a “taste” with a link to his site. Please be sure to bookmark it.

Why? besides for Titans news, why bother going there?

Kuharsky wrote a piece today that discussed how national writers stop by and see the team. Their caravan moves on and (despite the brevity of their time in Nashville) their viewpoint will carry forward all summer. Check out the full article here. It’s a nice look into reporters and how fans could interpret things.

He posted a video of every wide receiver at camp performing in a drill. Where else will you get that?

On this link, he wrote, “Influx of receivers doesn’t mean Titans turn into a three-WR offense.” I’m not buying what he’s selling here; by he, I mean Coach Mike Mularkey. I think PK is presenting what the Titans viewpoint is now, but I don’t think that is the way they think by week four of the regular season. It’s a debate of habit versus superior talent. In my experience, superior talent always wins. Ultimately, I believe, the Titans will use a three wide receiver set. PK doesn’t agree and he presents his thoughts well. Check out his article for an alternate view. It’s always best to get as many different viewpoints as one can.



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