Cover32 Raiders Roundtable: Seth Roberts and 2017 Win Totals

Raiders WR Seth Roberts
December 24, 2016; Oakland, CA, USA; Indianapolis Colts defensive back Darryl Morris (35) deflects a pass intended for Oakland Raiders wide receiver Seth Roberts (10) during the first quarter at Oakland Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2017 a month away, numerous topics float through training camp. For example, one of the polarizing Raiders was receiver Seth Roberts. Granted, he flashes moments of raw playmaking. On the other hand, his drops cripple drives. Cover32Raiders writers Jordan Briskey, Ray, Aspuria, and Anthony Zaragoza chime in.


What does Seth Roberts need to do to improve in 2017?


Briskey:  Seth Roberts must first not get injured at any point before the season starts. That may seem obvious but Jaydon Mickens and Johnny Holton. Plus, the undrafted free agents are looking to make the roster and the slot if the spot that is the weakest as of right now. The second thing Seth Roberts must do is hang onto the football. He tallied a 6.5 percent drop rate in 2016 per If he can hang onto the ball and still make those spectacular catches like this, he will be the slot guy all year long.

The third thing Roberts needs to do the simplest, just keep doing what he has been doing. He is the slot receiver and as long as he doesn’t decline, get hurt, or have off the field issues, then he will keep his spot. He built more a rapport with Derek Carr than anyone trying to take his spot and that goes a long way to being on the field with him every Sunday.



Zaragoza: Minimize the drops, especially during key moments in games and on third downs Second, have a solid preseason and continue the momentum to the beginning of the season. Finally, continue to develop his route running.


Aspuria:  Hang on to the ball. Continue to shine as an underrated blocker.


Camarillo: Seth must use his knowledge of the playbook and chemistry with Derek Carr as his advantage. Roberts is far from the fastest WR battling for reps but he might have the most chemistry with Carr. He needs to keep developing that trust with the Raiders quarterback. Roberts should also use his knowledge of the playbook to continue finding lapses in the defense. Additionally, he can show that he is the best and most willing blocker from the slot position this camp. Those three things will help him beat out some of the more athletically gifted WRs on the roster.


In 2016, the Raiders enjoyed a renaissance, notching twelve wins signaled a return to glory. Now, with the target firmly on their backs, the 2017 win total is a point of debate.

How many games will the Raiders win in 2017?

Aspuria: 10. The Raiders have Super Bowl aspirations and can no longer be taken lightly. The AFC West alone is grueling; the rest of the schedule will be just as tough.


Briskey: In one of, if not the hardest division in the NFL the Raiders get put through the ringer every year facing the Broncos, Chiefs, and Chargers twice each. So, looking at a home/away split with each of those teams that’s 3 wins right there. I’d say they beat the Chargers both times actually, and they win against the Jets, Redskins, Dolphins, Ravens, Eagles, Bills, and Titans. They lose to the Patriots, Giants, and Cowboys in my opinion. Though, I could see them winning against the Giants but for now it’s an L. That puts the team at 11 wins for the season as of right now. The teams I have them beating just don’t stack up against the Raiders offense if it’s clicking on all cylinders, even if the defense sputters.


Camarillo: I’d expect them to get 12 wins again, but that might be harder since the AFC West will be one of the best divisions in the NFL. Oakland has plenty of tough games including contests versus the Patriots and Titans.


Zaragoza: 11 wins. This year’s schedule is tougher than last season. The Raiders could win fewer games this season and still be a better team

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